One of the main factors which define home is safety. Tracey Taylor defines a home as: ‘A place where you feel loved, appreciated and SAFE’. The word “Safe” as Tracey Taylor explains covers not just the safety of tangible parts of the home like furniture, electronic gadgets, accessories, money, and so on. It also covers the intangible parts of the humanity of man in emotions, mental health, and physiological health inclusive. All these determinants of safety are grossly interconnected, from the property to emotions and back to psychological well-being. For example, in a case where a house was burgled an ancient artifact passed down from generations in the family is stolen, not even considering the possibility of direct physical harm and molestation which could be inflicted on the occupants of the home by the burglars. This incident would distort the emotional balance and psychology of members of the home amongst other things.

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Hence, the need to secure a home effectively can never be overemphasized as it plays a huge role in determining the overall social wellbeing of the members of a community. The New York Times in an article offered several views of home security by a class of different people to give a sum up of what a diverse class of readers thinks on the topic. For your home, here are some Get-Locksmith home security checklists you can adopt to safeguard your own home more effectively.

Safeguard doors and locks

It is important to ensure that the doors and locks in your apartment are of optimal performance by frequent inspection and calling upon professionals and companies with Expertise In Locks Installation to repair worn-out and broken locks and doors. You should also endeavor to reinforce weak doors or change them completely to prevent cases of violent burglary incidents. Yet, one of the most important factors leading to burglary incidents is bad door-locking habits. Based on the statistics of home break-ins, it was discovered that most of these incidents occurred during the day, where doors and locks were loosely handled. To prevent a burglar from waltzing in unencumbered into your apartment, ensure that your doors are shut at all times.

Secure your windows

In as much as doors are very common entry points for intruders to get into your apartment, they are also greatly rivaled by the windows. The windows produced by many manufacturers are sometimes flimsy and ineffective in keeping the intruders out. Reinforced glass with window security film is a top choice material for windows when it comes to safety. Yet, you can proceed to secure your house further by adding glass break sensors that trigger the attention of the authorities once an incident occurs or even go further to install hard metal window bars spanning the whole surface area of the window invariant mesh sizes.

Motion detective outside lighting options

It is a common assumption that evil perpetrators prefer the dark for their activities. The use of motion-sensing lighting in the exterior parts of the building wards off an intruder as it flashes brightly immediately such an individual is within its detection radius while remaining lit till such intrusion is no longer being detected. This method is effective, especially at night.

CCTV installation

Security cameras have served good usage in malls, marts, and offices in enhancing security. They are also good measures to adopt for home safety. The idea that one is being watched potentially wards off criminality and thus potentially obviates robbery tendencies in such buildings. Also, these security cameras are good agents to track down robbers and burglars through facial and vehicular identification. One good hack is to have a combination of detectable and hidden cameras in homes to factor in a case where the intruders already planned to disrupt camera footage.

Adopt a Home Security System and Automated locks

You can also put break-in triggered alarms and locks in the home. These will go off when there occurs a deviation from the normal method you access your home and automatically shut down your building with the intruder caught in it or designated area of it. However, these are top-grade military housing protocols. You could do this if you house a bank at your home. Hahahaha!

Subject your home to inspection by law enforcement agencies

This is very important in situations of suspected breaking in and entry, or cases where multiple procedures have failed to curb break-ins. Having police officers inspect your home to detect loopholes in your security would go a long way in further safeguarding your home.

Keep highly valuable stuff out of your home

Doing this will make you less of a target to burglars and robbers. Keep the invaluable items in a bank or any other place as it applies to such an item.