Used car dealers have reputation for being less than honest with their customers. While this is not the case for every car dealer, it does mean that you should be cautious no matter who you are purchasing a vehicle from. Below is a look at the top seven car problems your used car dealer may hide from you when you are looking for a vehicle.

Engine Problems

Engine problems are the most problematic and costly issues that you could face when purchasing a used car. This is the reason so many used car dealers will try to hide these problems. It is best to have the car’s engine inspected by professional mobile mechanics in Sydney. These mechanics will detect any type of problems with the car’s engine.

Car’s History

Used car dealers are legally not supposed to lie to you about the condition or history of the car. However, this doesn’t mean they have to go out of their way to find out the details of the car’s actual history. Many dealers will make comments to imply that they have an in-depth knowledge of the car you are considering purchasing. It is always best to run your own car history report and check for yourself.


Car’s True Value

It is no secret that many used car dealers significantly raise the prices of the vehicles they are selling. The questions is by how much. You should never start to negotiate a price with a used car dealer until you have checked the car’s true value. If you are planning to trade in your current vehicle when purchasing your used car, you should also check the true value of your current car.

Title Problems

One of the worst things that can happen is to purchase a used vehicle and find out later that there is a problem with the car’s title. It is recommended to always check to make sure the car has a clean title prior to making a purchase. You can usually find this information out when running a car history report.

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Obvious Defects

If the used car you are interested in has any obvious defects, such as a cracked headlight, rusting exhaust pipe, or balding tyres, the used car dealer may try their best to hide these from you. They may park the car in a way that makes the defect harder to see or consistently stand in front of the area where the defect is. Always perform a complete 360-degree inspection of the car’s exterior to inspect for obvious damage or problems.

Interior Damage

Interior damage is another car problem that many dealers try to hide. You may notice that the car dealer sits in the car quickly when taking it for a test drive or that he tries to steer your attention away from a certain area inside the car. Just as you did with the exterior, be sure to perform a thorough inspection of the car’s interior to check for damages.

High Mileage

Many car buyers equate high mileage with poor performance. For this reasons, many car dealers will try to hide this information from you by omitting the exact mileage from the car’s fact sheet. Never take the car dealer’s word for you. Check the mileage out yourself.

You should always take someone with you when looking at used cars and have an independent inspection done before making any final deals with a used car dealer. This may take a little more time but it will be well worth it and help you avoid the headaches that can be associated with used cars.