7 Best Cooling Pillows for Travelers in 2018

Many of us have rituals and preferences for travels. Yet, the risk of ending up in a hotel with a pillow which is uncomfortable for you is real. If career planning led you to a job which involves many trips or your college to career transition turned you into a traveler, then you can find useful guidelines in the below article.

Florida, Hawaii and Louisiana are three of America’s hottest states in summer or winter. During their peak season, you might find that you can’t sleep due to sweaty temperatures. Below you can find 7 of the best cooling pillows reviewed by specialists and users.

7 Best Cooling Pillows for Travelers in 2018

SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Many users who used to suffer from night sweat are extremely satisfied with this pillow. It has memory foam filling and a fully cotton cover for additional comfort. Its visco-elastic memory foam makes it suitable for side sleepers. However, it also comes in three shapes and sizes.

The pillow uses Outlast Adaptive Comfort technology which absorbs heat and adjusts to the environmental temperature. Foam protects the pillow from absorbing germs which carry health risks while it gets old.

7 Best Cooling Pillows for Travelers in 2018

Gel Memory Foam Pillow

SAVE SOFT has surprised users by producing a cooling pillow with 5-star users ratings. This is a two-pack with memory foam which comes in an accessible price. The pillow is reversible, so it’s always firm and comfortable. The hypoallergenic pillow also comes with a soft bamboo fiber case.

This pillow provides users with cervical support and keeps the neck aligned with the spine. This latex-free orthopedic pillow helps you have a restful sleep. Consequently, you will have the energy to plan an entire artistic adventure for your business-free hours.

7 Best Cooling Pillows for Travelers in 2018

Sleep Whale Premium Pillow

This contour pillow works best for side sleepers and those who sweat during the night. It fully contains shredded memory foam. The protection cover has 60% polyester and 40% bamboo. The product also promotes good sleep for those who lie on their stomach at night and usually have back pain.

Over 1,000 users rated this pillow with four stars and some of them appreciated its resistance to mold, bacteria and dust mites. If your hotel room comes with a washing machine, you can freely use it for your pillow and automatically dry them.

7 Best Cooling Pillows for Travelers in 2018

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow

Experts recommend changing your pillow regularly as it might be responsible for waking pain symptoms. You might find sleep relieving by switching to this reversible pillow with cooling gel. It also includes a memory foam side which protects you from cold during chilly nights.

The pillow supports your neck and shoulders and promotes airflow which keeps you comfortable as hours go by. The Classic Brands product is suitable for all kinds of sleepers and is highly popular among users. Over 1,000 customers have rated it with over 4 stars.

7 Best Cooling Pillows for Travelers in 2018

Relax Home Life Reversible Memory Foam Stay Cool Pillow

Customers enjoy purchasing this 4.5-star pillow due to its accessible price and high quality. It is so spectacular that it even comes with a set of instructions. The gel-based pillow keeps you relaxed and disperses body heat.

You might notice that the foam smells during the first 72 hours. This is normal and vanishes after this period. The pillow is specialized in relief from snoring, migraines, neck and back pain, insomnia and TMJ.

7 Best Cooling Pillows for Travelers in 2018

Penguin Cooling Pillow Mat

Regardless of what type of luggage you choose for your trip, you usually first consider the inconvenient of including a pillow in it. However, it’s more of a mat than a cooling pillow and it has relaxing benefits. The mat doesn’t contain or leak any water and it’s highly flexible.

The pillow has a minimal storage footprint. According to its manufacturers, it serves you against headaches, night sweat, fever and neck pain. Users seem to agree, as it has a four-star ranking. It can be used as such or placed under your regular pillow.

7 Best Cooling Pillows for Travelers in 2018

Z Convolution Pillow

Pillows should adjust to your sleeping style and comfort needs. It has a flat side with memory foam, a plush gel side for soft support and a feather-soft surface layer. You can adjust it and remove the memory foam.

Professional travelers will need a pillow which fits to all sleep sides and positions. Users rate it with four stars and appreciate its ability to adjust to all case sizes and heights. Some even plan to play with its design and add more foam to test its comfort degree. Merchandisers haven’t made recommendations for this.

To Sum It Up

Cooling gel pillows are beneficial when you travel to a hot area from the USA or even Europe. They work best if you make business trips and need to stuck pillows into your luggage. They are adjustable and easy to carry around.

Having a job that requires training travel can be demanding. Besides air and food menu changes, you should also consider your sleeping time. Rest makes you attentive during the day. Therefore, a cooling pillow might help you maintain your comfortable sleep and save you the energy of dealing with hotel options.

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