Car insurance is required by law to drive your vehicle on roadways. It is also a valuable asset that can provide you with peace of mind. If your car is insured, you won’t need to worry about the financial repercussions if your vehicle is stolen or damaged.

Coverage varies. Insurees may be required to make co-pays for repairs or may be eligible for different services provided by their insurer. It’s essential to compare car insurance options to ensure you have all the coverage you need and don’t overpay. Comparing your car insurance with iSelect is a straightforward process. iSelect’s website provides information about all potential insurance plans for your vehicle and outlines what the plans cover and how much they cost. When you review plans, it’s also important to consider these essential items your plan should cover to ensure you choose the optimal coverage for your personal needs.

1. A Rental Car


If your vehicle is damaged in an accident, you may need a temporary vehicle to meet your transportation needs. Comprehensive insurance plans provide you with a rental car for their use while mechanics are repairing your vehicle. In the United States, it typically costs $55 or more to rent a vehicle for one day. This cost can skyrocket if your vehicle needs extensive repairs. An insurance plan covering the cost of a rental can ensure you can maintain your routine without incurring hundreds of dollars in rental fees.

2. A New Car


When it would cost more to repair a vehicle than to replace it, insurance companies assess the current value of a vehicle and pay that amount to insurees. If you have a comprehensive insurance plan, you may be eligible to have your insurance company pay for a brand new car. This coverage applies if you purchased a new car, and it was destroyed within a predetermined period from your date of purchase.

3. Acts of God and Nature


Cars can be damaged by weather, animals, and falling objects. Invest in an insurance plan that protects you from acts of God and nature. Hail damage can shatter windshields and damage the body of your car. Rodents may nest in your engine and cause damage. Mice can chew through wires and make your vehicle inoperable. Your plan will also cover the cost of repairs if you hit an animal while driving.

4. Damaged Parts and Labor


Whether your vehicle is damaged in an accident, a hit and run, or by hail, a thorough insurance plan will cover the costs associated with replacing damaged parts. Your insurance company will pay for everything from a new Toyota clutch actuator to engine parts, tires, windshields, mirrors, brakes, and structural components if they have been damaged. Your insurance company should work with reputable manufacturers and mechanics to ensure your vehicle is repaired correctly. Parts providers, such as Sinspeed, offer lifetime warranties on their clutch actuators, which can offset the cost of future repairs.

5. Accommodations


Accidents can happen anywhere. If you are traveling when you are in an accident, you may not be able to return home until your vehicle is repaired. With a comprehensive car insurance plan, you will not need to worry about your basic needs. Your car insurance plan will cover the cost of a hotel room. It will also cover the hotel costs of any passengers traveling with you when you had your accident.

6. Bodily Injury

You and your passengers may be physically injured in an accident. If you are at fault for an accident, you may also be liable for the cost of medical care for those injured. An insurance plan with bodily injury will cover these costs.

Your pet may be injured if you have an automobile accident when they are traveling with you. Choose an insurance plan that provides emergency veterinary care for your pet if they are hurt in a car accident. With this insurance, you will be able to get your pet the medical care they need without worrying about the cost.

Bonus: Towing


If your vehicle breaks down or is damaged, you may need to call a tow truck to take your vehicle to a repair shop. Towing costs can be expensive, and in some cases, you may be fined for leaving your vehicle on the side of a road. If you opt for a plan with towing and labor coverage your insurance will cover the cost of having your vehicle towed.