Being on your own may sound scary, but it’s good for the soul! Learning to spend time with yourself is an excellent way to reflect, find closure, and be at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

Below are six reasons why you should consider traveling alone every so often.

6 Reasons Your Next Trip Should Be a Solo Vacation - vacation, trip, solo trip

1. Clear Your Mind

If your daily lifestyle makes you feel stressed and overwhelmed, take a trip to clear your mind. Relieve whatever stress you have back at home. Whether it’s work or family, or perhaps your boyfriend just broke up with you. It’s likely he’ll regret his decision, and you’ll be far away to consider taking him back when he does and avoid making a decision you’d regret as well.

Things get really tough – we get it! Taking time away solo offers the perfect opportunity to reflect and move on.

2. Find Your Own Rhythm

Traveling alone means you make your own schedule and adjust as you go. You can decide what you want to do and don’t have to compromise with anyone else. This is enjoyable since making big group decisions can often be overwhelming.

When you travel solo, you’ll be able to stay in an area for as long (or little) as you want. Following your own rhythm without commitment or compromise isn’t always possible in your daily life, but great to have when traveling.

3. Build Confidence

Being alone shows you just how strong you are. When we do the things we fear, we find personal growth. Traveling solo forces you to step out of your routine and develop.

Take those opportunities, meet new people, and gain knowledge (all while prioritizing your safety, of course). Learn to trust that you can handle whatever there is to come. Be positive, acknowledge your weaknesses and embrace your strengths.

4. Learn More About Who You Are

Being out on your own eventually makes you face who you are. What do you care about? What do you want to do with your time? Traveling with others will give you amazing friendships and fun, but traveling alone will help you find yourself.

You can get a sense of clarity being away from everything that is familiar. It gives you a chance to clear your head from society’s expectations and let you figure out what your goals and priorities you truly care about.

5. Expand Your Comfort Zone

Traveling solo gives you that positive push that can be so frightening at first but, eventually, so worth it! Pushing yourself is a good thing, especially when these things are outside your comfort zone.

The only way to overcome fear is to do the things you fear. The self-assurance gained from traveling alone and overcoming challenges can open doors to many aspects of your life including your career, friendships, relationships and more.

6. Better Financial Control

Solo travel means you have full control of where your money goes when you’re out on your own. You can save money on food by getting groceries, or you can go out and see all the free sites. Want to visit affordable museums, events, and attractions? Spend money where you want!

You determine where every penny of yours goes when no one is begging to spend money on a fancy meal you don’t want or luxury hotel you can hardly afford.

Get Up and Go — Alone!

If you’ve wanted to travel places but the only thing holding you back is having someone to go with you, go alone! This isn’t to say you won’t hit any roadblocks along the way – you likely will, but you’ll learn how to face them head-on when you travel solo.

So, what are you waiting for? Book that trip you’ve been postponing – the perfect time is now!