Shopping for gifts can be difficult for some people; while others enjoy it, plenty of people think it brings great anxiety. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift, maybe it’s time to think outside the box, and instead of traditional presents that you can find in a store, whether a luxury boutique or someplace more affordable, you need to go the route of customized presents. Please keep reading for the best customizable gifts that not only work for any occasion but will work for any recipient regardless of their personality, age, or style.

6 Customizable Gifts That Work for Any Occasion - tips, Lifestyle, gifts

Monogrammed Towels

There was a time when monogram towels were the height of sophistication in class, and you found them in homes of every economic status; they did fall out of favor in the last couple of decades. Well, they’re making a roaring comeback and are something anyone would love to receive as a gift. We use towels every day, so not only does their initial or name monogram make this a special present, but they’re guaranteed to find it useful, even if they’re a strict minimalist.

Pet Portraits

With more and more people deciding not to have children these days, whether it’s motivated by sustainability or wanting a life with more freedom, their pets have become their surrogate children. A customized pet portrait makes the perfect present if you have a “dog mom” or “cat person” in your life. Whether for Valentine’s day, Christmas, a birthday, or “just because,” pet owners treasure customized pet portraits. You can source a local artist to paint the portrait or find someone specializing in pet portraits on websites like Etsy.

Engraved Keepsake Boxes

Whether the person you’re gift shopping for leads a minimalist lifestyle or saves everything, people love having a spot to store their most treasured possessions, like heirloom jewelry, love notes, and children’s artwork. An engraved keepsake box makes the perfect present for anyone and an easy way to reminisce on their prized possessions in one convenient spot. You can choose to have the box engraved with a person’s name or a phrase, it’s up to you, but they’ll love this gift, and it’s thoughtfulness either way.

Custom Chocolate

Even if the person you’re shopping for doesn’t have a sweet tooth, everyone loves indulging in a decadent treat from time to time. A custom chocolate box is just the ticket for an anniversary gift, Valentine’s Day, or Easter. These customizable boxes can be curated to have a variety of chocolates based on the recipient’s tastes and favorite flavors, or you could make a box of entirely the same chocolate. The best part about a custom chocolate box is having control over the style of the box, the number of chocolates, and the flavors. What a sweet treat of a gift!

Monogrammed Jewelry

Fine jewelry is always a well-received gift, but you don’t have to break the bank with this customizable gift, and it can go silver or gold plated if you can’t afford pure gold. Monogrammed jewelry works well with a name necklace or bracelets; a signet ring with his initials engraved on the plaque is also a great gift for a man. If you don’t want to do monogramming, you can still customize jewelry with stones, like children’s birthstones on a ring or necklace for mothers. Jewelry is a gift that often becomes a family heirloom, so not only is this a thoughtful gift, it will last a lifetime and be passed down as a truly special present.

Family Name Signs

Whether the person you’re shopping for swaps wreaths and decor on their front door out with each holiday or not, a customized family name sign is a great addition to their existing decor. They can hang the sign on the door during non-festive seasons and move it indoors to hang in their living or bedroom. They may love it so much that they opt to keep it up year-round as a greeting on their front door.

Shopping for gifts can be a great time or a time of stress because coming up with the perfect gift that fits someone’s personality is key to giving a great gift. By going the route of customized presents, you’re guaranteed to nail it every time. Let one of the presents mentioned above be the next gift you give, and watch the joy as the recipient opens your gift.