It’s easy to stay warm in the winter when you know how to layer up, although the colder your climate, the more challenging it is. When you’ve got a dog, they depend on you to provide the right equipment to keep warm. You’ve already tortured your dog with a ridiculous Halloween costume. It’s time to gear up for winter.

5 Tips For You And Your Dog To Stay Warm And Fashionable This Winter - pouch, matching sweaters, leggings, fashionable, dog mat, dog

With snow just around the corner, it’s time to start planning how you and your canine will stay warm this winter. These five tips will help:

1. Get leggings for you and your dog

If you’ve never worn leggings underneath your jeans, the first time you do, you’ll know why everyone does. If you live in an area with heavy snow, fleece-lined leggings will keep you extra toasty. Regular leggings are also perfect for cold weather, even snow. It just depends on how warm you want to be and how much time you spend outside.

If you’re worried about too many layers, layer up with Co’Coon shapewear leggings and stay warm without the bulk. Thin shapewear is the key to staying warm in the winter. When you need to layer, your bottom layers should be as thin as possible.

Your dog will also benefit from leggings, and finally, someone has created them! Although it could easily explode into a fashion trend, dog leggings are extremely practical. If you’ve ever struggled to put rain or snow shoes on a dog, you’ll appreciate these leggings. They’re basically high-quality rubber boots for your dog. Instead of putting each paw into four individual boots, you slide your dog’s legs into a short pocket with a sole at the end. It’s similar to stepping into a pair of waders. All four legs are attached to a strap that tightens across your dog’s back, pulling the tension upward to keep the boots on.

Currently, dog leggings come in four different patterns, so you can match them to your dog’s personality. These leggings will keep your dog’s paws from freezing in the snow, and will keep mud and dirt off of your carpet.

2. Get matching sweaters

A fun way to stay warm with your pup this winter is to get matching sweaters. The great news is, Funky Tails makes matching ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs and humans. Ugly Christmas sweaters will always be fashionable no matter how ugly they are.

Wearing matching sweaters won’t make you any warmer than if you didn’t match, but it will turn heads and make people smile when you walk down the street. Nothing beats plopping down on the couch in front of a warm fire with your dog and laughing because you’re both wearing the same silly sweater.

3. Get a heated dog mat you can slip inside a custom cover

Getting a heated mat for your dog to lie on is a great idea for the winter, but the slip covers they come with can be ugly. Any heated mat can be covered with a custom slip cover, or even a standard pillowcase. If you’re crafty, sew a few different designs to match your décor.

Be sure to grab a heated mat with a chew-proof cord. Even dogs who aren’t chewers will sometimes get curious and gnaw on something they’re not familiar with. Some dog mats come with the cord wrapped in a spiral of steel, similar to an old landline telephone cord.

Choose a mat that has a high number of reviews from satisfied customers. You may find a good heating mat that some people don’t think is hot enough. Remember, your dog is probably more sensitive to temperature than you are. When lying on a heated mat, the pressure of their body weight will increase the amount of heat they get from the pad. If your pet stays on the pad and doesn’t wander off, you’ll know it’s warm enough.

There are also heated dog beds you can get. Some mats can be placed underneath a regular bed, and some can’t. It’s worth checking out all your options before deciding on a mat vs. a bed.

4. Get a hoodie with a pouch for your pooch

Although originally designed for cats, this hoodie with a fleece-lined kangaroo pouch will work for small dogs, too. The hoodie will keep you warm, and the pouch will keep your best friend warm. You can snuggle up on the couch, or carry your friend with you wherever you go.

The fleece-lined pouch is removable for easy washing so you don’t need to wash the entire hoodie if you don’t want to.

5. Snuggle time

Snuggle time with your dog is by far the best way to stay warm. When you come home from work, make sure to spend time with your pooch. Go for a walk, play for a bit, and snuggle up in front of the fire with some milk and cookies for two.