Finding postpartum clothes that complement your body shape and make you look good can be tricky. It’s kind of being in limbo. You cannot go back to wearing maternity or pre-baby stage clothes because nothing will fit.

The key here is to go for clothes that make you feel comfortable and give you grace. Still, you can make yourself look good and stylish by pulling up some moves.

5 Tips for the Most Comfortable Postpartum Clothes - Postpartum Clothes, clothes, baby

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Tips for Most Comfortable Postpartum Clothes

After childbirth, it takes a while for the body to go back to the pre-baby stage. Even after 6 months, you may have a little pooch and saggy skin here and there. All you have to do is dress up accordingly, without sacrificing comfort and poise.

These tips will take you beyond just pajamas and sweats:

Belly Bands for a Better Shape

Postnatal belly bands are a great confidence booster for a time when you don’t feel the most positive about your body.

During the postpartum period, the belly bulges downwards and looks like a few months pregnant. This is not a problem when you stay at home and wear loose clothes; but for attending an event or just going outside, a belly band can help. This waist trainer tightens your soft belly by sucking the loose skin in.

Lola Lykke sells some of the best postnatal belly band products in the market that support your core and restore the body shape. Featuring soft materials, these bands feel like a warm hug and tighten the stomach a bit every time you wear it.

Choose the Undergarments Carefully

Postpartum underwear should be comfortable and something that can support your bodily changes.

When the breast milk kicks in, the breasts grow bigger and sore, requiring bras that are soft on the skin and can support the changes. Also, you need something easy for breastfeeding. Nursing bras seem to be the best choices as you can wear them all the time.

5 Tips for the Most Comfortable Postpartum Clothes - Postpartum Clothes, clothes, baby

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Similarly, as you need to wear maternity pads during the first few weeks after the delivery, the underwear needs to be comfortable, so you can wear them 24/7, and be supportive to hold in those large pads.

Those hospital mesh panties are a lifesaver and you can wear boxer briefs too. Some brands have breathable postpartum underwear.

Avoid Form-fitting Dresses

All of your garments should be cozy and nursing-friendly. Wear something that slips on easily, which comes handy when you are breastfeeding. Many brands are working with flowy and nursing tops that are comfy, give easy access to your baby, and look cute too. Button downs are also great for good looks and easy access.

For a more fashionable look, go for off-the-shoulder tops or peplum (overskirt). The way peplum is cut (being draped over another garment), it’s forgiving for the body shape of new mothers. As these skirts don’t need to stretch out to accommodate your body size, you can wear them after regaining the slimmer body size.

Go for an Extra Layer

Any kind of wraps could be incredibly useful when you are struggling with your postpartum body. Wear ponchos or light cardigans over your dress because they gracefully conceal your not-so-perfect curves and offer privacy while nursing your baby.

Tunics could be another great option for nursing due to their easy-lifting design. As their length goes beyond the hips, you can easily pair them up with snuggly leggings.

Pants — the Stretchier, the Better

As your belly and hips gain some weight, you should choose stretchy pants to ensure the best comfort. The maternity leggings could be your best friend during these months. A pair of black leggings look good with literally any dress.

5 Tips for the Most Comfortable Postpartum Clothes - Postpartum Clothes, clothes, baby

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Also, no matter how much you hate those maternity jeans, they can bring some style back to your attire. Not to mention that they are extremely cozy and snug.