Everyone has a dream house in mind that is totally Pinterest-worthy. Big houses with outdoor kitchens with fire pits, beautiful pools, and patios are very popular. Many people want that perfect outdoor space for a hot summer day, or they are looking for indoor spaces that reflect their changing needs. Whether your home is a remodel project or if a new house is what you dream of, check out these five tips we have collected for finding your dream home.

Tip #1 Do your research

When looking for a new space, the internet is your best friend. Thousands of home listings are posted every day, and your dream home is bound to be in there somewhere. However, with the vastness of the internet, it can be hard to know where to start.

Nalula is a new business founded by Jeff Berzolla in 2020 with the dream of giving home buyers all the information they need to buy a new house the smart way in one accessible location. Thus nalula.com was born. As an expert in his field, Berzolla started working in the online industry in the 90s, and he started several successful web-based businesses. When it came time to buy his own house, Berzolla was annoyed with how difficult it was to find in-depth information about the properties he was interested in. He could only seem to find the bare minimum about any given property. Seeing the problem, Berzolla knew he could provide future buyers with a better way to make an informed decision. Nalula strives to bring transparency to the real estate industry by exposing essential data and current market conditions so you can make an educated buying or selling decision. Berzolla and the Nalula team are experts in Hawaii’s real estate. Still, they have big plans to expand the website to help future homeowners live their best quality of life in their oasis, whether that includes a pool, hot tub, or water feature with a beautiful waterfall, or all three!

Tip # 2 Contact your local swimming pool contractor

Could your current home be your perfect home if only it had a pool? Find a reliable local contractor to get a quote on a pool for your backyard. To do this, try a simple google search that features your location. For example, if you are in the southwest Florida area, try entering “pool builders bradenton fl” into the search bar. You will likely come across Olympus Pools as they are some of the most trusted professionals in the area. They provide excellent customer service to homeowners in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Ellenton, Palmetto, and Bradenton Beach. This local swimming pool contractor’s pool creations have even won design awards! They can create the backyard with the pool of your dreams, so you never have to go on vacation again. They can even add to your yard to make an oasis by including an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit. Elevate your pool experience by creating a beautiful outdoor space that contains spas with water features and waterfalls. Olympus Pools are “big on dreams” and have years of experience in building custom pools and beautiful landscapes. You can trust their excellent customer service— that includes clean job sites— to create unique pools promptly.
Additionally, you can trust their customer service with pool maintenance. Whether your ground pool needs a new filter, pool equipment, or a new pump, this custom pool builder has you covered! If you live in southwest Florida, your backyard will thank you for selecting this local pool contractor to create the patio and pool of your dreams.

Tip # 3 Make a Pinterest board


Check out social media apps like Pinterest and Instagram to find out what style you like. Take online quizzes to find your home style personality. Are you contemporary? Modern? Vintage? Use these personalities to search social media and start a board of your dream rooms before checking out homes on Nalula, so you know exactly what you like and what you want!

Tip #4 Consider remodeling your current space

If you already have a home with good bones, consider remodeling. Simply knocking down a wall or finishing a basement can give your home a major facelift. Or, perhaps you could add a garage apartment or extra bedroom for guests. Contact local contractors to help you decide what to do; remember to read reviews, ensuring you are getting excellent customer service when selecting a contractor. Give your backyard a makeover by adding a new pool with Olympus Pools. Consider a unique tile pattern in your pool if you already have one or give your back yard a cozy hot tub. Consider grottos or ground pools to spend a hot summer day in. Add a waterfall to your existing water features to make it a dream pool! Invest in some beautiful landscaping like flowers and shrubs to make a true outdoor oasis.

Tip #5 Remember the details

The best-decorated home is all in the accessories. Pick a theme for your house. Carry the colors throughout the rooms for a home that ties together well. A common theme does not mean you cannot have quirky accessories in each room that make it unique! For example, select a color palette and try to use those colors in each room; this will make the home feel refreshed and new without breaking the bank. It is incredible what a fresh coat of paint will do for a home! Don’t be afraid to try different colors you never thought you would like; they look different painted on the wall versus that little paint chip and can spruce up a room. Try a trendy 2020 color like a calm, gracious, balanced green called Back to Nature. Use gold accents like picture frames to make the room feel Insta worthy!