Do you even feel like you are lacking holiday inspiration? If you have spent time on the road then it is likely you will be feeling that everything is very similar, one thing you may not have considered is a cold weather holiday. Packing for cold weather is unlike packing for a warmer climate where you have the sun to provide the warmth you need. When you are visiting a colder climate, you need to think about the types of weather you will be faced with, and how to combat the cold. Otherwise you may struggle to fully enjoy yourself or even worse you may literally be left out in the cold when it comes to taking part in any activities you have planned.

5 Packing Essentials For Cold Weather – Packing Light & Staying Warm - weather, thermals, sweater, packing, hoodie, heavy coat, fleece, essentials, cold


A thermal underlayer is a great way to cut down on additional layers to stay warm, meaning less suitcase space will be required giving you more room to pack the essentials. Opting for a thermal underlayer opposed to simply wearing multiple layers also allows you more comfort, and freedom to move thanks to the thin layers of material. The downside of thermals is the chance of overheating, as the thermal layer you wear beneath your clothes meaning if you are going in and out of the cold you may begin to feel uncomfortable. If you trip involves days spent skiing or snowboarding or adventuring in the cold, then a thermal layer is definitely advisable!

Heavy Coat

A heavy coat should be one of the main things on your list, as a winter holiday without would be a chilly one! If you are choosing a new one for your trip keep functionality in mind, so one that has zip fastening pockets which are accessible from the outside is a great feature, meaning you don’t have to unzip yourself or open your coat to access any pockets which would allow a cold breeze inside. A hood is also a great additional in case of any rain you can keep sheltered and dry even in the most exposed surroundings. If you are planning on taking more than one heavy coat you may need to wear one to the airport, as a big coat will likely be bulky and heavy and take a up a large amount of your suitcase space and weight allowance, so by wearing one you can save space and not worry about exceeding the weight limit, just be mindful of this on your way home!


Fleece material is a brilliant insulator and will provide a valuable layer to help keep you warm and protected from and cold biting winds, as well as being durable and comfortable making a fleece a perfect choice for your winter holiday. On your trip it is likely that a fleece will be worn as an underlayer so style and colour may not be the deciding factor when choosing one for your trip, but if you want to add some vibrancy then your fleece is a great way to do so. Fleeces are available in many different vibrant colours and patterns meaning you can easily find something that suits your tastes and personality, but if not you could always get yours from Banana Moon Clothing and add your own unique personalisation’s.


Hoodies and sweaters are great for wearing as additional layers when the weather gets a bit colder, as well as being perfect for wearing inside if you need the warmth. Similar to fleeces, hoodies and sweaters are available in a huge variety of styles and colours meaning you will easily find one, or more, to suit your personality and your style. It is advisable to take a few of these as you may find you wear one every day of your trip.


Travelling to a colder climate may mean you are faced with wet weather and snow which means if not careful when selecting your garments, you could end up getting damp. This is easily preventable with a waterproof layer over the top which will mean you don’t have to fight for the radiator to dry your outer layers ready for the next day. Waterproofs are great because they are thin and lightweight, meaning they can be packed into very small packages, small enough to leave in the pocket of your heavy coat, so if the sun is shining and the skies are clear you can keep them in your pocket knowing if the weather changes you will still be warm and more importantly dry.