We spend so much time juggling responsibilities- career, family, social, and more. You might not notice you’re headed for burnout until it’s too late, but you’d never expect your car to keep going without gas tank refills. Give yourself the same consideration: it’s time to plan a self-care day.

Today, we’re going to help you bring a beautiful retreat to your house.

5 Design Tips for a Self-Care Day - self-care day, Lifestyle, house

1. Clean Your Space

First, you must construct an environment that promotes rejuvenation. Think about how much effort is put forth at a spa. Every aspect of the room is meant to relax all your senses, from looks to sounds.

You cannot have a self-care day if the floors are dirty and the tables are cluttered. Relaxation is all about ambiance.

Do a thorough cleaning of your house, or at least the room you intend to spend most of the day in. Make your bed and set up places to lounge throughout the house- perhaps a palette on the floor.

Put anything that reminds you of work away for a while. Today, you’re not answering the phone or doing any favors for anyone but yourself.

2. You Need the Right Clothes

While you’re not dressing up for anyone, you still want something clean and stylish. This is so you will feel confident about yourself.

You might go for a traditional spa-style robe to set the tone. Perhaps you’re more inclined to wear silk pajamas. You can even change throughout the day. Just choose something comfortable.

Don’t forget a comfy pair of slippers. Make sure they fit you. If your feet are thinner, check out some narrow slippers for narrow feet.

3. Bring In Some Aromatherapy

Candles help set the mood for a spa day. Let them serve as your light and dim all others. This will give your eyes a much-needed break.

We recommend the scents of lavender and lemon, which are the go-to scents for stress relief.

Boil some water with lemons, lavender, and oranges for extra treatment. The aroma will spread throughout your house. You can also hover over it with a towel covering you for a steam treatment.

4. Create an Array of Snacks

A spa day means you have abundance – ask any Taurus. Make it so that treats are readily available. Finger foods are a go-to. Whip up some mini-chicken wraps. Fix up a fruit salad. Get a shrimp cocktail from the grocery store. Make it so that you can’t go too far without running into a snack.

Create an eye-catching display of your snacks. So often, we rush through the things we do for ourselves. Take your time and make yourself feel like royalty. A gift is all about presentation- especially when you’re the recipient.

Finally, you cannot forgo hot tea. Break out your fine china for aesthetic purposes.

5. Music Completes the Atmosphere

You can dress the place up perfectly and have it ruined by the wrong choice of music.

Listen to songs with words before they make it onto the playlist. If the lyrics are angry or sorrowful, now is not the time for them.

Many people use instruments or sounds of nature. Many music compilations on YouTube go on for hours and are complete with visuals. Pick something that resonates with you.

This is Your Time

This day is all about you. Don’t think about anything that anyone else wants. Indulge in all the rest – products, music, food, and any other need you’ve missed out on lately.

You will come out of this day feeling like a new person. Your daily tasks won’t feel so difficult because you’ve been recharged. Return to this guide any time the burnout is coming back.