Wedding flowers are one of the most significant things to consider on your special day. No matter what type of flowers you choose for your wedding day, you have to ensure that they are all fresh and beautifully arranged.

Purchasing flowers for your wedding can be costly, especially if you opt for the expensive type of flowers. However, if you want to make the most out of your wedding bouquets and floral arrangements, you can repurpose them after your big day. You have spent a great amount of cash on these, so it will be a waste of money to just throw them away or let them wilt.

Apparently, there are a lot of ways on how to transform your wedding blooms into something more meaningful right after you say your ‘I do’s. All you have to do is to be more creative and simply take into consideration the following tips on how to reuse your gorgeous wedding flowers:

Replant them

If you have used succulents in your ceremony, then it is best that you replant them after the event. Aside from being heat-tolerant, sustainable, and stylish, succulents can also be re-potted. Hence, you can definitely use them again, which is a good thing for your money isn’t put to waste.

Display them at home

Those potted flower centrepieces used in your wedding reception can be displayed at home. Flowers of all kinds, including carnation and other blooms, give a positive ambiance inside your humble abode. Moreover, you can put them in simple vases and let them spread the good vibes all over your home.


Bring them to a gravestone

One way to share your very own special day with your loved ones who passed away is through bringing your floral arrangements to their gravesite. It is such a heartwarming act to do this, for it only shows that they are still in your heart and you remember them on your wedding day. In addition, these beautifully crafted blooms brighten up your loved ones resting place, which surely make them feel loved even if they’re not physically here anymore.

Donate them

Since not all the beautiful flowers you use on your wedding day can be brought to your home or given to your visitors, you can decide to just donate them to the church where you had your ceremony. Better yet, you can donate them to hospitals or for the home of the elderlies. By doing so, you have found a way to recycle them and these blooms won’t just wilt after one use, for they still serve another purpose.

Spending much for these blooms should not just be good for a single day, rather there are other things that will make them useful again. All in all, your wedding day is one of the greatest events that will happen in your entire life. Therefore, maximize everything and never waste anything. You can give your wedding flowers a second life by following the things mentioned above and you will never have to feel guilty for paying out a certain amount of money on it.