Most of the time, society will only celebrate the successes of your life: marriage, passing your driving test, and getting a job. But what about when things don’t go right?

Shouldn’t you celebrate those failures? After all, rejection is redirection; if you never failed, it means you never tried.

So it’s time to look at everyday failures with a smile on your face and host a party to celebrate in style!

3 Unusual Party Themes To Celebrate Everyday Failures - party themes, party, celebrate

1. Break-ups / Divorce

While there are parties for when romance succeeds – engagement parties and weddings – everyone knows that not all love lasts forever. Rather than seeing this as bad, why not get some friends together and celebrate the end of a bad relationship or the start of a new chapter?

An excellent theme for a break-up bash is the ‘come as your “type”’ party, where everyone dresses up and pokes some fun at themselves, dressing up as their “type.”

Are you usually attracted to guys who vape? Easy: bring a vape as a prop, but check how much nicotine is in a disposable vape before you smoke it if you’re not a smoker.

2. Exams

Whether it’s an academic or life skill test (like driving), everyone gets nervous and can make mistakes. In fact, over 4 in 10 people fail their driving test.

So celebrate the fact you tried, and then try again! Get some friends together and host a cocktail competition. Pair friends up, and every team has to create the best cocktail based on the failed exam.

For example, let’s say you failed your English exam. One team might base their cocktail on ‘The Great Gatsby,’ and another group might decorate words on the top of the cocktail. The best cocktail is the one that creates the biggest laughs!

3. (Not) Getting A Job

Not getting the job of your dreams can feel like an immense disappointment, rightly so! You probably worked hard applying for it and spent hours practicing your interview technique. But remember that you’ll get there next time!

So why not host a ‘You Got This’ party? Whether you make it a fancy dinner party or a more chill affair with takeaway pizzas and sodas, everyone can come dressed up as:

  • What they wanted to be when they were older
  • What their parents wanted them to be
  • Their interpretation of your chosen career

Laughter is good for you, and the last one is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to laugh at themselves and their friends.

Are you a writer? Get friends to dress up as famous writers since the dawn of time. You might end up with William Shakespeare or Mary Shelley.

Final Thoughts

Everyday failures never feel like small defeats, so it’s essential that you take time to feel disappointed but combat that disappointment with laughter, joy, and time with friends and family. You’ll succeed in the future because you’ll try again. In the meantime, why not throw a party and have some fun?