Many people are completely blindsided when their partner is cheating and have no idea about it until they discover it accidentally. At the same time, others can tell some of the early signs that their partner might be cheating on them. Since you’ve opened this article, you’re probably among the second category and you’re here because you have a feeling that something is just not quite right with your relationship. That might be because you’ve noticed things that are out of the ordinary for your partner, such as behavior changes and odd occurrences that might indicate a less intimate connection in your relationship such as always messaging on their phone and hiding it when you come around. In this case, reading someone’s text messages without their phone is the best way to be sure.

A clever cheater will take steps to cover their tracks, so you will need to pay close to attention to certain details if you are still not sure whether your partner is cheating on you or not. In some cases, it might seem like they are cheating because they are acting oddly for whatever reason, but in reality, they may not be cheating on you at all. In either case, making accusations without proof is quite foolish and will end in a very bad way. To help you get a sense of your partner’s fidelity, we’ve got a short list of signs that you can look for.

3 Signs That Will Help You Check Your Partner's Fidelity - spouses, relationship, partners, love, cheating

1. Hiding their phone

If you and your partner have been rather liberal with your smartphones in a way that neither of you was restricted to use either’s phones but now all of a sudden your partner is keeping their phone always, locked and hidden away on their person, there could be a reason for that, and it can be highly likely that the reason is because they are cheating on you. Pay attention to how they react when you walk in the room while they were using their phone or laptop. Are they rushing to close the app that was open and put the device away? That is a strong sign that there is something that they do not want you to see and in most cases, it is not them browsing for a birthday gift for you. It could simply be that they have added contacts in their phone that they do not want you to know about.

2. Sudden appearance change

While your partner might have been wearing casual clothes while taking care of their daily errands, you might notice a sudden change. If they start to dress more fashionable with the type of clothes that seems unusual to you, it might mean more than just follow a new trend. Try asking about how their day was and lead the conversation towards the change of appearance, if they try to change the topic, there is something that is being hidden from you, otherwise there is no reason why your partner would not want to talk about their new style with you.

3 Signs That Will Help You Check Your Partner's Fidelity - spouses, relationship, partners, love, cheating

3. Arguments about unimportant things

One of the best giveaways that someone’s feelings have gotten cold about you is the arguments that are occurring about inconsequential things. Basically, when somebody starts to feel distant from you, they will also start to get annoyed by little things that didn’t matter before at all or they were willing to tolerate them. These arguments can happen for incredibly small and unimportant things and will often feel very cold and unfriendly.

Every relationship has its good times and its bad times but if you start to notice that your relationship has only been getting the bad times lately, it would be wise to check your partner’s fidelity. In the end, the best way to treat a relationship issue is by talking openly about it, together, but if you believe that they are cheating on you, a few pieces of evidence is a good idea to have.