Spending hours a day sitting in a chair can actually be very challenging for your lower back. For millions of people all over the world, the reality of their working lives is that they have to spend a large portion of their week sitting down. If that is you, then something that you can probably relate to is the discomfort that comes from spending this much time in a sedentary position. Lower, middle and even upper back pain can be common. Chronic back pain due to having to spend so much time sitting can even lead to more long-term problems.

3 Reasons You Need To Add Back Support for Office Chair - support, office, material, chair, adjustable

One way you can not only help to mitigate immediate discomfort but help bolster long-term health when it comes to your back is by investing in back support for your office chair. This simple solution is not only effective in helping to improve your comfort and help boost your productivity but can help to develop good sitting habits that will pay off in the long haul.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to add back support to your office chair and how it can help improve your life.

1. Posture is Everything

The first reason for adding back support to your favorite chair, whether that’s at the office or at home, is that it will help encourage good posture. Good sitting posture is one of the most important things that you can develop if you find that you spend large portions of your week in a chair.

The average person will spend roughly a third of their life at work, which for some people translates to years worth of time spent sitting down in front of a computer. This is a significant amount of time and can have a large impact on a person’s overall health. Posture affects several different aspects of a person’s health. It impacts blood vessels, and nerves, as well as muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

The hard part about achieving good posture is that it is not a passive activity. To achieve good posture, you have to actively be using your muscles to bring your body into proper position. The benefit, however, is that when you are practicing good sitting posture you are evenly distributing your body’s weight.

This helps to keep your blood flowing correctly and it doesn’t cause impingements on nerves, or stress and staring on ligaments and tendons. Over time, practicing good posture becomes easier but it can take some getting used to.

One of the weakest areas that people struggle to maintain good posture when sitting, is specifically their lower back. The temptation to haunch your shoulders while sitting and push weight into the forefront of your body can cause misalignment of your spine. This results in your back losing its natural curvature and your body weight not being evenly distributed when in a sitting position.

By adding back support for your office chair, you can help to create that natural curvature, and take some of the stress of maintaining it off your lower back. This welcome relief makes it easier to maintain good posture, and evenly distribute your weight, and this can lead to pain relief in your lower back, hips, and even legs.

2. Made With Material That Supports Where it Counts

Making sure that you use back support for your office chair that is made with quality material and design is important. The whole point of adding back support is to help encourage your back to maintain good posture over long periods of time. Your back oftentimes needs this kind of support because holding proper sitting posture can be tiring.

By using a back support that is made from premium, 100% memory foam, you are using a back support that will uniquely mold to your body. Because memory foam is responsive to heat, it can quickly mold to the exact areas of your body that need the most pressure support. Not only that but using a back support that uses an orthopedic doctor-recommended design can help to give you the all-day support you need for those long hours.

3. Adding Back Support Can Be Adjustable

Not only will an ergonomically designed back support help you to maintain proper posture when sitting, but it can also be adjusted to your specific needs. Using dual adjustable straps, and even extension straps if needed, this lumbar back support can fit your favorite chair where your back needs it most. Not all people are equal and when you sit down these straps allow for this back support to be placed exactly where it needs to be.


There are so many great reasons to invest in adding back support to your office chair. These supports provide comfort for immediate relief of pain and pressure and support for proper posture which can help you over the long haul.