Interior design trends are constantly changing and this can make it challenging for image-conscious home-owners who are looking to remodel their properties in 2014. This is especially true when you consider the fleeting nature of most trends, which often disappear as quickly as they emerged in the first instance. One of the most recent trends to hit the news provides a relevant case in point, as luxurious leather fabrics have become extremely popular among home-owners in the U.S. Although we can expect this trend to be replicated in the UK, it is unlikely to survive the harsh and unforgiving test of time.

3 Prominent Interior Design Trends for the Year Ahead

With this in mind, it is worth appraising some of the most prominent design trends of 2014 and considering whether or not they are likely to achieve long-term popularity in the UK. Consider the following: –

 1.The Use of Several Bold Colours within a Single Space

Historically, home-owners and tenants have both been encouraged to decorate their properties in neutral and non-oppressive tones. These include relatively soulless shades such as magnolia, which may create a serene back-drop for your interior but do little to achieve a sense of comfort, warmth and positivity. This has triggered a change in outlook among home-owners and interior designers, who are now far more likely to apply a number of bold and striking shades within a single room or living space. The trend is particularly popular in contemporary kitchen and living room design templates, and it is likely to remain in vogue for the foreseeable future.

2.The Return of Minimalism as a Design Concept

While minimalism can scarcely be described as a new or cutting edge design trend, it is one that has enjoyed a significant resurgence in recent times. Regardless of whether this is down to changing tastes or the simple fact that the majority of new-build homes are relatively restricted with regards to space, the consequence is that a growing number of households are de-cluttering their interiors and reducing the amount fixtures and furnishings that they purchase. Although this trend is generally timeless and will always hold appeal for home-owners, its intermittent nature means that it may not be long before it is temporarily out of favour once again.minimalist_interior_design-wallpaper-1440x900

3.The Optimisation of Natural Light in the Home

In the contemporary world, there is an emphasis on all things natural and environmentally friendly. This has had a huge impact on prevailing interior design trends, and triggered a host of innovative and interesting concepts for forward-thinking property owners. One of the most prominent is the idea of optimising exposure to natural light within the home, which has been facilitated by the development of products such as frameless glazing and French windows. Given this and the number of complimentary natural wood and oak furniture items also available from suppliers such as Shackletons, there is every chance that this trend will retain its popularity for a considerable period of time.