Without trying to put stereotypical labels on anyone, the reality is, most guys simply hate to shop! If you see them in department stores at all, they usually run in, pick up exactly what they want, and get back out again, all within moments. Women will stay in a trendy clothing store for hours on end trying everything on that appeals to them.

Men, on the other hand, will often walk right to their size, choose a color that suits them, and head for the cashier. Even guys who want to dress in the latest trendy styles aren’t interested in spending their free time shopping for those fashions, so they seek an easy way out. Well, guys, here’s your out! Here are three ways you can stay in style without spending hours in a store.

1. Join a Men’s Clothing Club

This is one of the newer, more innovative shopping trends for guys who hate to shop. It must have been the brainchild of a man who would rather go year after year in the same styles rather than step foot in a shop where they know they will be spending too much of that time they’d rather be spending on the court or at the beach. It’s even possible to join a men’s clothing club where you do nothing but join, provide a few details about your size and fashion preferences, and then sit back and wait for your monthly packages to arrive. How easy is that?

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2. Have Your Girlfriend Shop For You

If this isn’t a reversal in roles, what is? Most of the time, you might hear ladies ask their boyfriends, husbands, or even friends to take a trip to the grocery store to pick up the beer, get a bag of ice or milk for the kids in the morning. Guys are good at that! They know what they want and that’s all they have to do – go pick it up. Even if you don’t have a significant other in your life, lots of ladies would love to dress you! Simply give them an ‘idea’ of what you are looking for and tell them to have at it. After all, who knows how to dress a man to look his sexy best than a woman?

3. When All Else Fails There’s Always Google

Can’t find a clothing club like the one mentioned above and there are no ladies in your life you would trust with your credit card? That’s okay, there’s always Google! Simply sit back with a cold one, kick your feet up and let your fingers do the walking – no, not through the yellow pages, but through the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). You can still watch the game without missing a play while shopping for clothes the Lazy Boy way.

Yes, there are guys who like to shop, but you can probably count on one hand the number you personally know! You can ask your buddies to pick a few things up on their next excursion to the mall, but if that’s what you’re banking on, you might be wearing last year’s fashions again this year, and the next, and the next. Looking for an easy way out? You now have three choices, so which will it be?