There are so many new car models coming out every year and it seems like each is getting more expensive than the last one. If you’re just in the market for a car, then you might be a bit disappointed that cars are getting more and more expensive while not offering something really new except some cosmetic upgrades over the last series and maybe a new piece of tech. But, is it all worth the new price tag?
If you’re looking to pay less and still get yourself a good vehicle, then maybe you shouldn’t be looking at brand new cars and instead focus your attention to used cars. There are so many things to think about and so many choices to choose from, so should you go for a new car or a used car? Let us show you the benefits of buying a used car which might help you clarify your decision.

3 Benefits of Purchasing a Used Car - vehicle, used car, new car, car buying, car, buy car

1. Resale Value

As soon as you drive that new car out of the car dealership, it has lost about 30% of its value. If you don’t expect to replace your car for a long time, then this doesn’t really make much difference, but if you want to drive a new car every year or two, then you will know how much of a loss this is. It is just a really bad investment.

3 Benefits of Purchasing a Used Car - vehicle, used car, new car, car buying, car, buy car

2. More value, less money

Used cars have great value, of course, we’re only talking about good used vehicles here, not crashed or broken down ones. The way you can tell a good used car from a bad used car is by only looking for certified pre-owned cars provided by Rolls Auto Sales that come with thousands of testimonies from satisfied customers. Back to the value, new cars and used cars have about the same value in terms of comfort, transportation and safety. Of course, latest car models have some more electronic gadgets to them but these things don’t necessarily make the new cars much more valuable than used cars. But then, new cars are usually more than double the price of a used car of similar value. That’s a lot of money saved just by choosing a used car.

3 Benefits of Purchasing a Used Car - vehicle, used car, new car, car buying, car, buy car

3. More car, less money

The value of a car can be represented as the stuff it enables you to do, namely, transportation, safety and comfort and we’ve already established that in those terms, new and used cars have about the same value.
We’ve also established that new cars are much more expensive than used cars, so if you’ve had a budget of $15,000 for a car, the options for a new car would be very limited and you will have to buy a small, cramped and less powerful car. However, a used car at that price point can be much more. You can choose a much better car when looking at the same price point as a new car, the only difference is the used car has a few years and a couple of thousand miles under its bonnet. None of which is really an issue for a well-maintained car.