Do you think that your hangers is unusable in your home. You’re wrong…

Hanger Holder


This is a hanger holder which you can use for magazines and newspapers. It’s basically just a hanger attached to a knob. You can use any hanger, not just wooden ones. You can also hang it anywhere you want. The whole idea is to have the magazines within arm’s reach.{found on bhg}.



A hanger can also be used as a storage device for eyeglasses. It would still be used for storage purposes but not for the items it was intended for. This being said, you can easily repurpose an old hanger and turn it into an eyeglasses holder. It’s simple and it’s practical.{found on sfgirl}.



You can use hangers to store all sorts of things. For example, if you like DIY projects and crafts, then you might want to have a place to store all your ribbons and such. In this case you can use an old hanger for that. You’ll have to cut off the middle of the hanger and then to insert your ribbon spools and to fix it back with some duct tape.{found on syko}.



A hanger can also be used as a jewelry storage system. All you have to do is pick a hanger that you like and that you think would look good as a jewelry holder and then attach a few small hooks to it. Then place it on a wall or anywhere else you want and enjoy your new creation.{found onhousehold6diva}.

Flip flops


Here’s another very practical and creative idea: turn a hanger into a storage device for your flip-flops. Even though flip-flops don’t take much space they are difficult to store so this system could actually save you some valuable space. All you have to do is take a hanger made of metal, cut off the bottom part and then curl the two parts upwards. It’s very easy and it’s also very practical.{found on epbot}.



Hangers can also be repurposed and used for more complex projects. This, for example, is a very interesting chair made from repurposed wooden hangers. It has a very sculptural and intriguing look and it’s definitely an eye-catching piece that would make a spectacular focal point in any space.{found on site}.



And here’s another igneous and creative idea: make a chandelier out of hangers. The idea is to place them in a circle and to form a symmetrical pattern. You can either leave the hooks on or remove them. Either way, the chandelier will be a one-of-a-kind piece and it will look amazing.{found on inhabitat}.

Upside down


These hangers are actually used for the same purpose they were created: storing and holding clothes and accessories. In this case they are used as towel holders but the interesting detail is that they are placed upside down. This way you can hang a towel on the hook and another smaller one on the actual hanger.

Fruits bowl


Believe it or not, you can also use hangers to make a fruit bowl. There are several models to choose from. One of them would involve you removing the hooks with pliers and drilling two holes, one on each side of the hanger. Put a bolt in each hole and add the end cap. Then attach the hangers together. If you want, you can also paint them.{found on recycledawblog}.

Dish drain


If you want to use the hangers to make something useful for your kitchen then maybe you should try making a dish drain. You’ll need 8 or more wooden coat hangers, a drill and some screws. Remove the dowel rods from the hangers and cut their ends off. Then take two hangers that still have the rods on and put one in the front and one in the back. Put three more hangers in the middle. Then use the rods to secure them all.{found on instructables}.

Art hangers


Another interesting idea would be to use the hangers for their intended purpose but in a new and unique way. This, for example, is a wardrobe made of 20 wood hangers. They are hanging from black ropes and together form a piece with a sculptural appeal and a modern and unusual look.{found on swiss-miss}.



If you want, you can also play with forms and shapes. This is a coat hanger tree made from several wooden hangers. It’s an interesting-looking piece, although it’s uncertain what it could be used for. Also, it seems to occupy lots of space so it’s not the best project for a small home. It might be a fun idea to try out next Christmas.{found on decor8blog}.

Gifts display


Here’s another cute idea that you can use: an advent calendar. Making one from a coat hanger is actually very easy. You just have to find a hanger that you like and decorate it for Christmas. You can use Christmas decorations or colored paper, ribbon, tape, anything you want.{found on frydogdesign}.



You could also get a little more crafty and make a coffee table using wooden coat hangers. The hangers need to have all the same dimensions and design. You’ll need four hangers, pliers, a drill, bolt cutters and a round piece of glass which will serve as the top. Remove the hooks from the hangers and then put the hangers together, creating the base of the coffee table. Use clamps to keep them secure. Drill the holes and slide the dowels through them and cut them. Remove the clamps and add the glass top.{found on site}.

Add touch of color



If you would just rather use the coat hangers for their intended purpose, then you might want to at least give them a more colorful look. You’ll need wire hangers, yarn, tape and scissors. Tie the yarn right under the curve at the top of the hangers and wrap. Make sure it’s tight. Use tape to keep it secure at the end.{found on brit}.

Wall books storage


You could also use a coat hanger to make a small storage space for books or other items. You will first have to unfold the hander and then fold it in the desired shape. You can use pliers if you want. It won’t be able to handle large weights so be careful what you store in it. You can also paint the hanger if you want.{found on superziper}.

Oven mitts storage



I don’t know about you but I always have trouble finding a good place to store my oven mitts in the kitchen. I don’t if I should use a hook for each one of them or if I should try to find some other solution. Of course, this should probably help. It’s a great storage system made from a repurposed coat hanger. It has a nice pocket for storing all sorts of items and it’s very useful in the kitchen but also in other spaces as well.{found on site}.

In closet


If you don’t have enough space in your closet for all the little accessories like scarves, gloves, etc., then you should definitely use this idea as inspiration. Take a coat hanger and some clothespins and you get a very simple and useful storage system for all your accessories. You can hang it anywhere.{found on site}.

Skirt hanger


This used to be a vintage skirt hanger but now it’s an inspirational board. You can make something similar. You need a hanger and some retro clips. It’s great for displaying all sorts of things like cards, photos, memos or notes. It’s something you can make for yourself or as a gift for someone. It’s fun and It’s easy.{found on etsy}.

Wall display


Here’s a similar idea: use an old skirt hanger to make a beautiful wall display. You’ll need lots of clips and a nice-looking hanger. You can display photos and all sorts of little treasures that are nice to look at. Just find a spot for it and enjoy your new decoration. It takes no more than a few minutes to make and you can also improve on the design if you want.{found on etsy}.

Coat rack


This is one of the most ingenious and fun ideas. It’s a coat rack made for a wooden board and a bunch of wooden coat hangers. The hangers have to be cut down and then attached to the board as you see in the picture. The hooks are mobile and you can use them for hanging bags and other accessories while the hanger itself can be used for coats.{found on alittleglassbox}.

Entryway holder


Our last project couldn’t be simpler. It’s a DIY upside down hanger. As you can see by yourself, all you have to do is pick a hanger that you like, preferably something simple and sleek, and hang it upside down. It will serve as a nice display piece and storage system for jewelry or small accessories but it can also be just an unusual decoration for the wall.{found on anna}.