Have some old, empty wine bottles laying around and just hate to throw them all away? Why not make some DIY wine bottle crafts with them, instead? Looking for wine bottle crafts? These wine bottle crafts are the cutest ways to repurpose glass vessels. This roundup has you covered from DIY glasses to super chic cheese trays. Find a project to make today!

Repurpose a Wine Bottle Into a Hanging Light

Spray Paint an Ombre Effect

Flatten a Wine Bottle to Make a Platter

wine bottle craft ideas


How to Flatten a Wine Bottle from Hunker

Write a Message on a Bottle

Layer Colored Marbles Inside a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Hand Paint Intricate Details to Make a Boho Centerpiece

Add a Topper to Turn a Wine Bottle Into a Soap Dispenser

Decoupage Your Favorite Prints on a Few Wine Bottles

Float Candles Inside Wine Bottles

Create a Textured Surface With Puff Paint

Plant an Herb Garden Inside Wine Bottles

Wrap an Entire Bottle in Twine

Cut Wine Bottles in Half to Make Planters

Decoupage Old Book Pages to Wine Bottles

Knot Jute Around Wine Bottles and Jugs

Doodle to Your Heart’s Content

Attach Wine Bottle Tiki Torches to the Fence

Paint the Inside and Decorate the Outside

Transform Wine Jugs Into Decorative Vases

Turn a Wine Bottle Into a Bird Feeder