When thinking about salon marketing strategies, one thing should be in your mind; why you? With all the Spas and Salons customers can choose from, why should customers pick you? Your salon needs to have an edge over everyone else so that it can come out on top.

Are you wondering how the successful salons do it? Here are 20 best spa and salon marketing ideas by SalonLife that you should add to your hair salon marketing ideas. Salonlife is a salon software that greatly boosts the effects of the following marketing strategies.

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Table of contents:

1. Use an All-Around Salon Software

Using a software such as SalonLife can make applying the above-mentioned new salon marketing ideas easier and more efficient. The SalonLife software helps with the marketing and operational processes of your salon. It can help your business with tasks such as online bookings, integration with social media, sending notifications, and allowing you to toggle discount settings and prices. Having this kind of software will definitely result in increase of customer influx and sales.

2. Referral Programs

According to studies, people trusts their friends and family more than advertisements and commercials. Also, referred customers are less likely to switch and are more likely to be loyal than regular walk-in customers. To induce customers to spread the word to people they know about your salon and bring in customers, give them incentives to do so.  A free treatment for every friend referred would do.

3. Bundle Deals

By doing this salon marketing strategy, you sell two to three services per customer instead of one. The customer also benefits from the bundle deals by paying less for a bundle than for paying for the service individually. This encourages customers to try out services that are new to them and to come back to your salon for their next appointment.

4. Complementary Services

This is a great way to introduce a new product or service, or to introduce your salon at all. By giving a complementary treat, people are able to give it a try and pay for that service the next time. This also gives customers something to tell their friends about your salon.

5. Gift Cards

The good thing about gift cards is that it is prepaid. There is a chance that the gift card might go unused, or the customer that will use it will spend more than the value of the gift card. It is also a great way to spread word about your salon. People that has been gifted with the card will try out your salon and likely to come back for other services.

6. Social Media

Almost every business utilizes social media in their beauty salon marketing strategies. To stand out from the rest, make sure you are updated with the latest trends and keep up with what’s new. Use the new features of Facebook and Instagram such as “My Story” and “Polls” to garner more interaction with the customers. Also, make sure to respond to all messages and comments.

7. Pinterest

Pinterest my seem far less popular compared to its social media counterparts Facebook and Instagram. But the reason why your salon should have a Pinterest account is that it has a respectable number of users, and is the go-to platform for everything about beauty and wellness. People go there to research about the latest hairstyles and such. Your salon needs to be visible on Pinterest.

8. Community Engagement

By getting involved with community endeavors such as joining charity events, setting up a booth at community fairs, or setting up an outreach program, people can see that your salon is socially responsible and not just after the profit. Being in community events is also a great means to garner leads for email and telemarketing.

9. Email Marketing

Despite popular belief, those that have provided you with their email whether through the customer register or from events, love to receive email from your salon. After all, they would not be giving out their email if they don’t want to receive anything from you. An email blast is an effective means to provide customer with information that cannot be sent through text or other messaging platforms.

10. Giveaways

Handing out giveaways serve two purpose, garnering leads and strengthening the salon’s branding. Give out something in exchange for an email or hand out a little memento for a service they availed. The giveaways may vary, for example, the giveaways for those that actually availed of a product or service be different from those that have just given their email.

11. Feedbacks and Ratings

When people research about products and services, they rely heavily on reviews and ratings given by other customers. Make sure to provide excellent customer service and at the same time encourage customers to leave feedbacks and ratings, especially on social media.  Having a high satisfactory rating coupled with great feedback almost always equate to high customer influx.

12. Online Listings

Google My Business and Yelp are the two most searched online listings write now. Your salon should not stop at just adding your profile at these online listings but also maintain a five-star rating and garner as much positive reviews as possible. Furthermore, add your salon to other listing sites as well for maximum exposure.

Managing your search engine optimization strategy by yourself can be difficult and expensive if you do not know what you are doing. Working a professional SEO company such as Marketing1776 can be your best bet to secure the first page in Google for your service related search terms. Marketing1776 offers law firm seo services as well as helps small businesses such as beauty salons increase their online presence.

13. Video Marketing

All those videos you see in the internet are not just for views, likes and shares. It is also a powerful marketing tool that caters to the visual interest of the potential customers. Whether DIYs, before and after videos, or customer testimonials, a good video will attract a specific demographic of viewer in Youtube.

14.  Flash Deals

The important thing that a flash deal does is instill the urgency to purchase a product or services. A flash deal is when your salon will offer a product or service at a very steal price, but the deal would only be available for a very short period of time. In order to gain a large audience, try teaming up with websites that offer daily deals like eBay and Groupon.

15. Collaborations

Collaborations with complementing businesses would help you by having access to their customer base and have them refer people to you. Bundle deals would benefit customers who will have savings when acquiring the services of you and your salon’s partner companies. You can connect with venues, make-up artists, and such.

16. Selfie Station

People love to flaunt where they are and what they look like. Why not provide a venue for them to do so? Having a selfie station allows customer to flaunt their new look (courtesy of yours truly), and show off your facility. That’s free marketing exposure right there.

17. Ads Retargeting

This is when the ads your salon posted through Google Adwords and Facebook Ads get re-advertised to those who have clicked on your initial advertisement. This makes the ads show again to those who seem interested the first time. Most of the time, this strategy converts to sales.

18. Voicing Values

Customers tend to patronize businesses that stands on something compared to companies that remain neutral on issues. Make the people know where your salon stands especially on trending issues such as climate change, pollution, and waste management. Use multiple platforms such as social media and offline media as well.

19. Value-Added Services

Make sure that you know the perfect add-on service to what the customer initially orders. For a haircut, offer to upgrade to a hot oil treatment or a scalp massage. For a manicure / pedicure service, offer a foot spa. Make sure that your staff, especially your receptionist, knows how to cross sell and upsell.

20. A Membership System

The idea behind the membership system is to give a sense of belongingness to your loyal customer. It makes them feel like they are a part of an exclusive group. Once they become a member of you salon, they would more likely to come back for recurring treatments. Better yet, give out freebies or discounts exclusive to members. This would entice non-members to get a membership to avail of the exclusive offers.


These were the top 20 strategies you can start implementing today to grow your beauty salon.

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