20 Awesome DIY Furniture Hacks To Try

Updating your furniture is only a tutorial away! Take a look at these 8 DIY furniture hacks to try. Check out the following photos and click the links that will take you to the tutorial that will help you to update your furniture and create something new and unique. Repurposing old furniture into something that is not only practical but also unique and modern is the ultimate way to recycle. With a little bit of creativity, there are so many clever ways to use broken appliances, old furniture, or even everyday household items. What once was garbage can be turned into unique home decor instead.

Creative and Chic DIY Nightstands

20 Awesome DIY Furniture Hacks To Try

Source: www.hgtv.com

Ombre Dresser

Magazine Stool

Wallpapered Dresser

Pallet Chair

Folding Chairs

A Repurposed Drawer

Bathroom Towel Racks

Pinstriped End Table

Make A French-Style Bench From Old Chairs

Green Campaign Inspired IKEA Rast Hack

Chevron Painted Dresser Makeover

Stool Turned Sidetable

Tufted Ikat Ottoman from Upcycled Pallet

 Repurposed Cot

Striped Round Table

Kid’s Chalkboard Table with Benches

Tufted Burlap Ottoman

Mini Office in a Chest How-To

Wrapping Paper Organizer

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