Here we present you tips and ideas for creating inexpensive, homemade wedding favors that match your wedding theme. Some are edible, some are DIY, and some are just unexpectedly fun.Wedding favors are a tricky tradition to get right. You want to show appreciation to your guests for attending your special day, but you also don’t want to spend a bundle on top of all your other wedding expenses, or send them home with something forgettable they’ll just end up throwing away. The biggest key to saving money on wedding favors, or anything wedding-related, is to do it yourself (DIY).

DIY Honey Favors

DIY Honey Favors

Matchbook Covers

DIY Matchbook Covers

DIY Noisemakers

DIY Noisemakers

Mini Pansy Favors

DIY Mini Pansy Favors

Pie In A Jar Wedding Favors

Homemade Pie In A Jar Wedding Favors

Vintage Fabric Sachets

Upcycled Vintage Fabric Sachets

S’mores Wedding Favor Kits

DIY S’mores Wedding Favor Kits

DIY Wildflower Seed Paper

DIY Wildflower Seed Paper


Wedding Mixed Tape

DIY Romantic Wedding Mixed Tape

Birdseed Hearts

Homemade Birdseed Hearts

Wood Bud Vases

DIY Wood Bud Vases

Soy Candle Wedding Favors

Easy DIY Soy Candle Wedding Favors

Glitter Confetti Bags

DIY Glitter Confetti Bags

Customized Drinking Glasses

DIY Customized Drinking Glasses

Customized Fortune Cookies

Customized Fortune Cookies

Extract Wedding Favors

Homemade Extract Wedding Favors


Hot Cocoa Kit Favors

Homemade Hot Cocoa Kit Favors

Lace Tambourine Favors

DIY Lace Tambourine Favors