Though navy blue is a classic year round color and a lovely alternative to basic black dresses, combine it with white and you’ve got yourself a nice nautical inspired look for summer.  Ever timeless, navy and white dresses, especially vintage or retro ones,  are a chic,  polished way to step out in style when the  warm weather hits. And adding red accents in the form of scarves, jewelry, shoes or bags is the classic way to  complete the look nicely. It’s a very effortless way to look chic and a great option if you ever wonder what to wear. Blue is softer than black and in terms of color will usually suit 40+ women better. If the navy is very close to a black — so close that in a low light it actually looks black — then you probably shouldn’t wear it with black, because people will think you got dressed in the dark and didn’t realize that it was navy. If, however, the navy is more on the blue/purple side — or some of them even have a good amount of gray mixed in — then wear it without fear.

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