16 Nifty DIY Picture Frame Projects You Should Try

There’s more to displaying photos than just hanging them on the wall in a plain frame. The way you display them can affect many things such as the way you look at the photograph but it can also influence the decor of your home. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Update the decor of a certain area in your home and at the same time display your photos in a creative fashion. You can easily do that if you check out these creative photo projects that we have chosen to show you in this collection. They make very good decorations for your home but they can also be a great gift idea for someone close to you.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we are going to show you 16 Nifty DIY Picture Frame Projects You Should Try. We are bringing you a bunch of different picture frame projects that will stand out in your decor because they will have a story to tell. You won’t love them, you’ll obsess over these projects until you make them, so take a look at them below and follow the step by step tutorials that will show you how to craft them. Happy crafting!

1. Fold paper to create a DIY photo frame

2. Make use of popsicle sticks in the form of a photo frame

3. Use pallet wood for a nice, rustic photo frame

4. Make cardboard rings to display your photos

5. Or wrap cardboard with yarn

6. Use wood from small branches for rustic photo display

7. DIY a clothespin frame that can display many photos at once

8. Break old CDs and create a mosaic frame for your photos

9. DIY Wooden Picture Frame

10. DIY picture frame from old books

11. Washi tape picture frame

12. Craft this easy homemade picture frame with a burlap bow

13. Use a mason jar vase that doubles as a picture frame

14. DIY yarn photo frame

15. DIY picture frame from an old window or door

16. Assemble a DIY picture frame from newspapers

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