Have old shutters cluttering up the garage? Put them to use with our favorite shutter project ideas to beautify and organize your home. DIY repurposed window shutter projects are easy, affordable, and shutters are not hard to find.All you need for this DIY project is an old shutter and some imagination. Shutters make for the perfect repurposing projects.

Coastal Style Shutter Headboard

DIY Coastal Style Shutter Headboard

 Shutter Hall Tree

DIY Shutter Hall Tree

Turned Mug Rack

Old Shutter Turned Mug Rack

Shutter Photo Display

Gorgeous Repurposed Shutter Photo Display

Shutter Plate Rack

DIY Shutter Plate Rack

Shutter Wall Shelf

Rustic Shutter Wall Shelf

Mail Organizer

Repurposed Shutter Mail Organizer

Shutter Side Table

Lovely Outdoor Shutter Side Table

Hanging Magazine Rack

Repurposed Shutter Hanging Magazine Rack

Shutter Wall

Amazingly Creative DIY Shutter Wall

Jewelry Holder

Repurposed Shutter Jewelry Holder

Kitchen Utensil Holder

Repurposed Shutter Kitchen Utensil Holder

Sofa Table

DIY Shutter Sofa Table

Bulletin Board

DIY Hinged Door Shutter Bulletin Board

Farmhouse Décor

Repurposed Shutter Farmhouse Décor