DIY Pinecones Projects require a simple glue gun that you can purchase in any hardware store, glitter, paint, patience and dedication are also recommended. From pinecones wreaths, pinecone Christmas trees, votive candles wrapped in pinecones, pinecone centerpiece or simply door pinecones decorations, all are simply magical, filled with joy and happiness. A rustic pine cone garland truly adds a sense of coziness and a warm charm to your home. Browse through these amazing ideas and get inspired to bring nature home for the holidays with your favorite ones!

Pinecone Flower Garland

Pinecone Flower Garland

Pinecone Scale Picture Frames

Easy Pinecone Scale Picture Frames

Pinecone Succulent Planters

DIY Pinecone Succulent Planters

Pinecone Topiary

Gorgeous DIY Pinecone Topiary

Pinecone Chandelier

Fall Themed Pinecone Chandelier

Pinecone Candleholder

Upcycled Cardboard And Pinecone Candleholder

Snowy Pinecone Wreath

DIY Snowy Pinecone Wreath

Pinecone Luminaries

Snowy Pinecone Luminaries

Hanging Pinecone Ribbons

Easy Hanging Pinecone Ribbons


Pinecone Garland

Easy DIY Pinecone Garland

Pinecone Art

Gorgeous Framed Pinecone Art

Pinecone Kissing Ball

DIY Pinecone Kissing Ball

Lighted Pinecone Arrangement

DIY Lighted Pinecone Arrangement

Ombre Pinecones

DIY Ombre Pinecones

Pinecone Candles

DIY Pinecone Candles