15 Game-changing Ways To Paint Your Nails In Creative Patterns

You can never get enough of nail art ideas. There are thousands of awesome and unique ways to paint your nails, a lot of which we have featured on our site but no matter what, there will always be newer and more creative ideas and designs.
That is why we won’t give up on trying to find them and show them to you. Today, we’ve found some cool new manicure ideas that you can and should try at home. They are very easy but that doesn’t make them any less cool. Check them out below and you’ll find that genius nail art ideas can be done with very little effort. All that you need to have a lot of is creativity, and perhaps some free time.

Welcome to a new collection of nail art ideas in which we’re going to show you 15 Game-changing Ways To Paint Your Nails In Creative Patterns. Take a look at the ideas that we’ve featured below and choose one that you can try out today. These nail paint designs are some of the easiest ways to add glamour and sparkle to your nails without having to pay for a professional manicure that costs more than its worth, really. There are tutorials that consist of step-by-step instructions so you won’t have any issues at all. Enjoy!

1. Get The Perfect Shapes On Your Nails

2. Use Water Based Metallic Sharpie

3. Dotted Fade Manicure

4. Splatter Paint Nails

5. Easy Optical Illusion Nail Art

6. Geometric Nails

7. Sideways Ruffian Nails

8. Zig Zag Nails

9. DIY Pastel Ombre Manicure

10. Galaxy Nails

11. Snake Skin Nail Art

12. DIY Blue And Pink Fan Brush Striped Nail Art

13. Abstract Holo Nail Art

14. Sugared Stars And Stripes

15. Rainbow Sprinkles Nails

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