Candles make your home welcoming. Why not make a cute candle holder to accompany it and why spend a fortune on it? They require some creativity and patience, but the end result is totally worth it. Who needs pricey store-bought candles and votive holders when you can decorate (and cozy up) your home with ones you made yourself?

Add Varying Heights to Taper Candles

Multiple Taper Candleholder

Use Plaster and Fresh Flowers to Make This Votive Holder

DIY Candle holder ideas to try

Wrap a Candle With Cork Ribbon

Cork Wrapped Candle Holder

Cork Wrapped Candle Holder from By Stephanie Lynn

Update Thrift Store Candlesticks Using Spray Paint

DIY candleholder ideas

Craft a Boho Candleholder Using Balsa Wood

Repurpose an Old Tin Into a Candle

DIY candleholder ideas

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Upgrade a Candleholder Using Copper Accents

DIY candleholder ideas

Adhere Some Glitter to a Jar Candle

DIY candle holder ideas with glitter

Make Hurricane Lanterns From Dollar Store Frames

DIY candleholder ideas

Transform Wood Blocks Into Taper Candleholders

DIY taper candleholder ideas

Create a Centerpiece Using Birch and Airplants

DIY Candle holder ideas

Use Produce as a Candle Holder

Paint Candle Holders in a Moroccan Style

Repurpose a Vintage Teacup Into a Candleholder

DIY candleholder ideas

Marbleize the Inside of Candle Holders

Marble DIY Candle Holders