15 Cool DIY Coasters That You Should Craft Right Now

Happiness is in the details. This holds very true when it comes to home decor. Have you ever really thought about the type of coasters that you use when you serve drinks to your guests? Probably not, most people don’t even use them. But wouldn’t it make you happy if you read something funny on a coaster with your morning coffee?

It is difficult to find the perfect coasters in the store if you want them to really match the decor of the room or simply the color of the table. That is why you should make your own coasters by following the designs that we have featured in this collection of 15 Cool DIY Coasters That You Should Craft Right Now. 

The following designs will show you how to make awesome DIY coasters that really won’t cost you more than a cup of coffee. Check them out and don’t be afraid to pick some that you want to craft because they all come with step by step tutorials. Happy crafting!

1. Ceramic Tile Coasters With Sharpies And Washi Tape

2. Easy Color Blocked Coaster Trivet DIY

3. DIY Woven Coasters

4. DIY Mason Jar Lid Coasters

5. Natural Branch Coasters

6. Clay Kitty Coaster DIY

7. Wooden Pallet Coasters

8. DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters

9. DIY Marble Coasters

10. Crochet Watermelon Coasters

11. DIY Copper And Burlap Coasters

12. DIY Map Coasters

13. DIY Beer Coasters

14. Lacy And Sophisticated DIY Coasters

15. DIY Coasters made from concrete

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