Whether you want to decorate your home, your wardrobe, or even your fingernails, there’s a Sharpie craft that is perfect! Speaking of fingernails, be sure to check out these Cute Sharpie Crafts and DIY Project. DIY some surprisingly cool projects with only a sharpie. Get a few sharpies in different colors and you will be set for all 14 of these awesome sharpie crafts ideas. Crafters have discovered that you can create watercolor like affects using Sharpies on fabric, to make beautiful t-shirts and pillows. You can make customized mugs, dishes and wine glasses, ideal for the holidays or special celebrations. Sharpie crafts are a terrific choice to create thoughtful personalized gifts.Sharpies are the go-to instrument for upgrading basics of all kinds.

DIY Cress Cups with a Face from By Wilma
DIY cress cups with a face | 25+ Sharpie Crafts

DIY dipped Kitchen Jars from This Little Street
DIY dipped kitchen jars | 25+ Sharpie Crafts

DIY Dotted Sharpie Mugs from Destination Decoration
DIY Dotted Sharpie Mugs Using Oil Based Sharpies | 25+ Sharpie Crafts


DIY Negative space heart bag with Sharpie from Living with Punks
DIY negative space heart bag with sharpies | 25+ Sharpie Crafts

Sharpie make up storage jars from Ling Yeung B
DIY Makeup storage jars | 25+ Sharpie Crafts

DIY Sharpie pen kitchen organization from A Beautiful Mess
DIY Paint pen in the Kitchen | 25+ Sharpie Crafts

DIY Sharpie glassware from Britt + Co
DIY Glassware with sharpies | 25+ Sharpie Crafts


DIY Sharpie Art Coasters from Paying Fun Mums
DIY Incredible sharpie art coasters | 25+ Sharpie Crafts

DIY Colorful craft room decor with sharpies from The Farm Chicks
DIY colorful craft room decor to display sharpies | 25+ Sharpie Crafts

DIY Sharpie Dinnerware from The Sweetest Occasion
DIY sharpie mugs | 25+ Sharpie Crafts

DIY Sharpie Journals from Ashley Hackshaw
DIY Sharpie journal | 25+ Sharpie Crafts

DIY Wooden Jewelry from See That There
DIY modern wood jewelry made with sharpies | 25+ Sharpie Crafts

DIY Tea Towels from Cherished Bliss
DIY Tea Towels | 25+ Sharpie Crafts