Garden edging provides a barrier between flower beds and the lawn. Add a finish and edge to your garden lawns or flower beds. Choose from our wide range. Get the following DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space. Here you can find Cheap, creative and modern garden edging ideas for flowers beds and slopes from timber, wood, stone, curved or DIY lawn edging ideas for vegetables.

Brick Bed Edging

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Rope Garden Fence

DIY Coastal Rope Garden Fence

Plate Garden Fence

Broken Plate Garden Fence


Twig Fence

DIY Rustic Twig Fence

Cobblestone Garden Fence

Repurposed Cobblestone Garden Fence

Tin Accent Fence

DIY Tin Accent Fence

Bike Wheel Garden Fence

Repurposed Bike Wheel Garden Fence

Railway Sleeper Garden Fence

Repurposed Railway Sleeper Garden Fence

Wattle Fence

Simple DIY Modern Wattle Fence

Trunk Garden Fence

Repurposed Tree Trunk Garden Fence

Roofing Tiles Garden Fence

Concrete Roofing Tiles Garden Fence

Wattle Garden Fencing

DIY Woven Wattle Garden Fencing

Wood And Wire Fence

Simple DIY Wood And Wire Fence