Instead of buying yet another piece of furniture for your spare room or to organize your closet, how about using your baby’s old changing table? It will only be a matter of time before you no longer need that baby swing, infant carrier, and even your change table. not everyone invests in this piece of nursery furniture, which comes with a very short lifespan (if you’re lucky). But for those who do, there’s no reason to throw it out with the last of the diapers. Keep reading for some of the amazing ways — some provide serious kid-entertainment, while others are for adults only — you can give your changing table a second life.

Toy Car Garage

Quick And Simple Toy Car Garage

Changing Table Desk

Repurposed Changing Table Desk

Lemonade Stand

DIY Play Shop/Lemonade Stand

Changing Table Console Table

Repurposed Changing Table Console Table

Rolling Beverage Station

DIY Rolling Beverage Station

Ice Cream Parlor

DIY Ice Cream Parlor

Changing Table Into Driving Dresser

Repurposed Changing Table Into Driving Dresser

Entertainment Center

DIY Entertainment Center

Entryway Table

Gorgeous DIY Entryway Table

Garden Cart

Decorative DIY Garden Cart

Laptop Cart

DIY Laptop Cart

Bathroom Storage

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