Mitigate the mess with these creative DIY racks full of hooks perfect for coats, hats, bags, keys, towels, aprons and more. From wooden to shabby chic, there’s something for everyone in this roundup of 13 DIY coat rack ideas that you can use around your home. The nice thing about coat racks is that not only are they functional, they are really homey, too. Any space that gives you a spot to take off your coat and stay awhile just says “welcome”.

Animal Hooks

Cute DIY Animal Hooks

Letter Coat Rack

Simple DIY Letter Coat Rack

Insulator Coat Rack

Industrial Insulator Coat Rack


Coat Tree

Easy DIY Coat Tree

Twig And Stick Coat Rack

DIY Upcycled Twig And Stick Coat Rack

Zig Zag Coat Rack

Easy DIY Zig Zag Coat Rack

Cityscape Coat Rack

DIY Modern Cityscape Coat Rack

Marbled Accordion Coat Rack

DIY Marbled Accordion Coat Rack

Copper Coat Rack

DIY Copper Coat Rack

Driftwood Coat Rack

Quick And Simple DIY Driftwood Coat Rack

Tool Coat Rack

Recycled Tool Coat Rack

Wooden Shoe Stretcher Coat Rack

DIY Vintage Wooden Shoe Stretcher Coat Rack