13 Cheap and Easy DIY Fall Wreaths

When the leaves begin to change, we know it’s time to start breaking out our favorite fall décor to get us in the spirit and give a warm welcome to. Raid your craft closet and the store for fun, seasonal add-ons that will make your door the envy of the neighborhood. Here we present you the best DIY fall wreaths that will give you inspiration to decorate your home this season.

Felt Flowers

Rustic Style With Wood Slices

Hoop Wreath Keep Things Simple

Don’t Limit Yourself to the Usual Fall Color Palette

Make a Fall Burlap Bubble Wreath

Twig Wreath Base With Felt Leaves

Plants & and a Wire Frame

Pumpkins Into Your Wreath

13 Cheap and Easy DIY Fall Wreaths

White Pumpkin Wreath from Paint Yourself a Smile

Learn How to Make a Fall Wreath in Under 10 Minutes

13 Cheap and Easy DIY Fall Wreaths

Craft a Wheat Wreath and Accent it With Feathers

13 Cheap and Easy DIY Fall Wreaths

Yellow for a Pop of Color

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