Just like the mason jar, the votive candle has long proven to be a DIY classic for its affordability. With a few simple everyday items around your house, such as wood, paper, seashells and other recycled items and a little bit of craftiness and creativity, you can make your own homemade candles rather than buy one. Here are some amazing DIY candle projects for your inspiration.

Painted Votive Holders

Easy Painted Votive Holders

Stained Glass Candles

Beautiful Handmade Stained Glass Candles

Soy Wedding Candles

DIY Soy Wedding Candles

Crayon Candles

Easy Homemade Crayon Candles

Survival Candles

DIY Survival Candles

Mason Jar Candles

Easy DIY Mason Jar Candles

Make Your Own Votive Candleholders

These votive holders are absolutely divine and so easy to make! The tutorial comes from The Hyper House and most of the materials are things that you probably already have lying around your own hyper house. These are cheap and easy to make and look like they cost a small fortune. Whether you need votive holders for elegant candlelit dinners or you simply want a bit of beauty around the house, these are a great little project. You can do them as gifts, too. Really, who wouldn’t want a few of these? And, you know that we love cheap and easy DIY gifts.

Tutorial: thehyperhouse

Great Repurposing Idea for Old Candles – DIY Ice Candles

How many old candles do you have just sitting around the house? You know, the ones that are too short to burn but you just can’t bring yourself to throw them out because they still have that tiny bit of wax left. Henry Happened has a great idea for making your own ice candles using those old candles. You can also make these from soy wax if you don’t have any old candles lying around but I’ll bet you have at least a handful that you need to recycle. This is a great idea for using up all of that wax and you can mix and match your colors to make the candles really special.

Tutorial: henryhappened

Funfetti Candle

DIY Cake Scented Funfetti Candle

French Vanilla Candles

Homemade French Vanilla Candles

Glittery Votives

DIY Glittery Votives

Holiday Multi-Scented Candles

Homemade Holiday Multi-Scented Candles

Whimsical Tote Candles

DIY Whimsical Tote Candles