Do you want a small garden pond to add a certain charm and soundtrack to your garden, from the trickle of a pond waterfall to the flow of a small water feature, or do you want a large koi pond? Here we present you some great diy ideas that can help you to create your own pond. Learn how to build a water garden or fish pond in your yard over the weekend. All of the following examples and gorgeous, and they are so easy to make. See our proposals and find idea how to make charming DIY pond in your own yard.

Zen Container Pond

Lighted Zen Container Pond

Bubble Container Pond

DIY Bubble Container Pond

Stock Tank Garden Pond

Repurposed Stock Tank Garden Pond

Rock Covered Pond

River Rock Covered Pond

Waterfall Pond

Low Budget Waterfall Pond

Tire Pond

DIY Recycled Tractor Tire Pond

Natural Garden Pond

DIY Ecological Liner-Less Natural Garden Pond

Pond With Wooden Deck

DIY Rectangular Pond With Wooden Deck

Recycled Tire Pond

DIY Multi Basin Recycled Tire Pond

Stream With Waterfall

DIY Pond And Stream With Waterfall

Garden Pond

Simple Preformed Garden Pond