Do you love cool and easy projects that cost almost no money but make you say “Wow!” Do you have Sharpie or permanent marker pens? It may surprise you, but these pens can create many crafts. These step by step tutorials are all easy, cool, cheap, creative and super unique, all perfect for beginners and teens looking for their next arts and crafts project or room decor idea.

1. Sharpie Dinnerware

via thesweetestoccasion

Sharpie Dinnerware

2. Easy Sharpie Mug

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Easy Sharpie Mug


3. DIY Sharpie Wallpaper

via vintagerevivals

DIY Sharpie Wallpaper

4. Monogram Art

via thebeautydojo

Monogram Art

5. Sharpie Designed Lampshade

via bhg

Sharpie Designed Lampshade

6. Nate Berkus Inspired Mirror

via amykrist

Nate Berkus Inspired Mirror

7. Hand-drawn Gift Wrap

via minieco

Hand-drawn Gift Wrap

8. Sharpie Mug

via ohhellofriendblog

Mug Makeover

9. Ping Pong Lights

via hearthandmade

Ping Pong Lights

10. Painted Leather Wallet

via lovemaegan

Painted Leather Wallet

11. Throw Pillows

via brit

Throw Pillows

12. Sharpie Art Coffee Table

via findinghomefarms

Sharpie Art Coffee Table

13. Watercolor Sharpie Planter

via brepurposed

Watercolor Sharpie Planter


14. Patterned Photo Maps

via makeandtell

Patterned Photo Maps

15. Cress Cups With A Face

via bywilma

Cress Cups With A Face