You’re engaged, and it’s likely the happiest time of your life! With the perfect ring on your finger, it’s time to plan the wedding.

The dress is one of the first things most brides focus on. Choose the right one, and it will steal the show … as it should.

Many fads govern wedding dress design, some trendy and others timeless. Fashion designers brought new and gorgeous options to the runway for 2019 during Bridal Fashion Week.

If you’re selecting a dress for a wedding later this year, here are several of the styles you should know about.

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1. Ballgown Structure

Though it went out of a fashion for a time, the princess-style ballgown structure in wedding outfits will inevitably make its way back. Brides can’t resist the elegant poof of a hoop skirt and tulle slips beneath their gown.

The shape of the bodice doesn’t seem to count as much as the bell-shaped skirt that swishes beautifully when you walk. Also, if you have a vintage engagement ring — as so many brides do  these days, even if based on modern trends — this kind of gown offers the perfect complement.

2. Pantsuits and Jumpsuits

More women are choosing to wear pantsuits for their marriage ceremony, whether they want the freedom of pants, they wish to make a statement about women’s rights, or they simply hate dresses. The 2019 bridal trends featured stunning pantsuit and jumpsuit ensembles for the contemporary bride.

These are comfortable yet sophisticated, with their elaborate designs and flowing capes, but they’re also undeniably sexy. Some gorgeous ensembles are made almost entirely of lace and nude fabric, so they leave very little to the imagination.

3. Extra Sparkles

When you’re a bride, you have every right to expect to be the center of attention. One solid way to guarantee you are is to add a little extra shine to the occasion with sequins, metallic embellishments, glitter, and tonal beading that consumes your dress. A gown that has a lot of sparkle begs for minimum accessories and plenty of light features at the reception.

4. Midriff Elegance

Something new in wedding gown wear for brides are crop-top dresses that show off a slim midriff. These dresses come complete with separate skirts that clearly match the tiny tops.

Most of the models at Bridal Fashion Week who sported a crop-top dress were wearing off-the-shoulder tops, not unlike Meghan Markle’s gorgeous wedding gown.

5. Cocktail Length

Mini dresses are popular now, perhaps as an alternative for women who don’t love to wear a dress but also don’t feel comfortable in pants. Many brides wear a traditional dress for the ceremony and a cocktail-style white wedding dress for the reception: perfect for dancing the night away.

6. Royalty Classic

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton made substantial impressions on fashion designers. You can see traces of the classic styles of their dresses in contemporary designs. It’s common to see off-the-shoulder tops or lace sleeves, which are probably a nod to the royal style.

One of the most prominent fashions in wearable bridal wear is the simple, long white gown that’s an obvious reference to Markle’s impeccable number. Designers used both her ceremony and reception dress as an inspiration for their more recent designs, and minimalism is a clear pattern.

Kate’s wedding dress is still inspiring designers, nearly eight years after the event. Long, lace sleeves, embroidered bodices and skirts, and deep V-necklines are visible in wedding dress shops all over.

7. More Lace

We’ve seen lace in wedding dress styles quite often over the past few years, and that doesn’t appear to be changing in 2019. The lace in current dresses seems to be more strategically placed this year: it covers the arms and bodice in manner that’s both sexy yet modest.

There’s also the gorgeous, all-over lace look we’ve adored in years past. It conveys a sexy elegance that today’s brides like to project.

8. Accent Bows

Bows have not made much of an appearance in roughly a decade of wedding wear, but this classic accent is coming back now. Brides will wear large bows in the back of their dresses or pantsuits, small bows at the neckline, or cute and classic bows at the waist.

9. Long Capes

Many models at Bridal Fashion Week sported capes as a key element of their ensemble. Capes were more common as an accompaniment to pantsuits and cocktail-length dresses, but a few long dresses sported a cape as well. It’s a slightly different version of the train that was once popular.

10. Plunging Necklines

The deep V-neck is flattering for most brides. It effectively elongates your torso and can make it the star of the show. Despite a low neckline, there’s something surprisingly modest about this curve-skimming style — as long as you have fashion tape on hand to avoid a serious wardrobe malfunction!

Brides who dress in these styles will undoubtedly look beautiful! If you haven’t already, re-fashion your wedding dress to stay on trend for your 2019 wedding.