10 Reasons For Conflicts In Your Relationship

Relationships are fragile and though it takes ages to build, it takes something very inconsequential to break them up as well. In addition to emotional and mental causes, physical abilities and actions can also lead to a crack in relationships. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprised if we tell you that sleep is a glue that can hold a relationship together.

10 Reasons For Conflicts In Your Relationship

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How does sleep affect relationships? Lack of sleep leads to several mental as well as physical ailments which can heavily impact the co-existence between a couple. There are lots of questions that you can ask with respect to the link between sleep and relationships. For instance, one popular question is about couple sleeping position and what they mean, another is how to sleep without disturbing your partner and so on. However, before we jump into the solution, let us take a closer at the problem and try to understand 10 reasons for the conflicts in your relationship which can be attributed to lack of sleep.


Aggression and hostility is a rather common aftereffect of sleep deprivation. Sleep experts point out different ways of how sleep can trigger aggressive behavior. Research involving violent offenders shows that people with a history of aggression were found to be less angry and violent after a good sleep. This paved to an understanding that poor sleep can hamper our ability to control our impulsive acts which makes us lash out on our partners and end up damaging conversations and regular lifestyle.

10 Reasons For Conflicts In Your Relationship

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Constant aggression is a result of a tired brain which is in turn, is caused due to lack of sleep. You may start arguing about something as trivial as topic like bed sizes and end up fighting about exes in a matter of minutes. Next time, choose to snuggle with your partner over your laptop and sleep together to kiss your spats away.

Impaired Decision Making

Sleep deprivation can easily override our ability to make rational decisions which can lead to potentially adverse conclusions. Lack of sleep leads to what is known as reduced cognitive flexibility, i.e. the ability to understand a situation and react to it appropriately. A team of researchers from Washington State University’s Sleep and Performance Research has identified a gene that determines the behavior of those with lax cognitive abilities.

This gene affects the release of dopamine in a part called the striatum where its reactions are blended with another gene that controls adenosine which makes us sleepy. Less or no sleep can throw this chemical medley off balance which leads to cognitive inflexibility in people and hence, the lack of a concrete decision making capability. By tucking into a full night sleep, people can rectify this off scaled chemical reactions in their brain and avoid conflicts. You can choose to make your bed more comfortable with a better choice of cal king mattress from Nectar that has five layers of foam for increased support to help with this mission.

10 Reasons For Conflicts In Your Relationship

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Lack Of Gratitude

Did you know that less to no sleep can make you an ungrateful person? No one likes to live with a partner who has no sense of gratitude and appreciation for those living with them. The connect is simple. Lack of appropriate sleep cycles and rem sleep makes one tired and exhausted to care about anyone else save for themselves. This automatically makes them ungrateful and not to mention, highly self-centered.

An asleep researcher from the University of California, Berkeley, asked 71 heterosexual couples to jot down their sleep routine and their feelings for their partners. There was a clear demarcation between those who had a rough night and those who slept peacefully. The former had no particular positive feelings towards their partners the next morning. In such cases, the other one who had a better sleep is hurt by this attitude and understandably, tag it as being ungrateful.

Unhealthy Bodies And Minds

No sleep equates to no rest and high susceptibility to sickness. Those who suffer from sleep deprivation are at a higher risk of falling sick or be ridden with unhealthy minds and bodies. While partners are always ready to nurse you back to health, a constant tryst with the role of a caregiver can take a toll on them as well, leading to conflicts in relationships. You may want to check out the latest home furnishing brands providing high quality products to make your home a safe, comfortable haven.

10 Reasons For Conflicts In Your Relationship

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This can be mitigated by a good night’s sleep. You can ensure an uninterrupted sleep with snug mattresses, cozy blankets, and soft bed sheets, like the percale bed sheets. You can also amp your room to be more inviting with lush drapes and rugs like the soft 4×6 area rugs you get from Wovenly for a warm and inviting feeling.

Different Sleep Pattern

Sleep can play a crucial role in building relationships. It can help create an emotional bond between the couple and also enhance their sexual relationship which is crucial for a relationship to thrive. Different sleep patterns can interrupt these moments and also limit communication which acts another represent for a healthy relationship. Therefore, it will be safe to say that lack of sleep can lead to conflicts in a relationship. You may want to check out a natural mattress from brands like Awara leading the way in organic sleeping products. So snooze and you will not lose.

Reduced Empathy

Like being ungrateful, the reduced levels of empathy can also be attributed to lack of sleep. Less to no sleep can result in your lapse abilities to understand emotions because you are too tired to process them. The exhaustion forces you to go instinctive and look out for yourself, even sometimes brushing aside your partner’s emotions which results in them feeling neglected and your relationship bears the brunt of your tired brain.

10 Reasons For Conflicts In Your Relationship

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Increased Prejudice And Stereotypical Nature

As per a study conducted by Professor Sonia Ghumman from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Shidler College of Business, individuals who lack sleep are more likely to be prejudiced and stereotyping the social aspects around them. During the course of the research, students who clocked in less sleeping time were more inclined towards stereotyping subjects without giving a rational thought behind their reasoning.

This may be because their brain is already tired, thanks to lack of sleep and is not in a condition to bear the pressures of rationality and clear thought process. The same concept can be applied to couples where one of the partners suffers from sleep deprivation. Since he/she is too tired to enunciate their thoughts clearly, they resort to what is most easy to grasp and usually, it is prejudiced thoughts or stereotypical ideas.

10 Reasons For Conflicts In Your Relationship

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Lack Of Communication

It is fairly easy to comprehend that couples who do not sleep properly are plagued with communication issues. If either of the partners has had a rough night, they will seek situations where they do not have to talk and will prefer to rest their tired brains and body. Though they do not mean any harm, their actions, if repeated over and over, can lead to communication gaps that can easily wreck the foundation of any relationship. Therefore,  it is easy to co-relate relationships under stress with a lack of sleep. Take time every day to sit on your plush, comfortable sofa and talk about what you feel.

Reduced Participation

We are looking at different facets of the same problem here. It is easy to understand that lack of sleep will lead to the person being so tired that participating in any activity with their partner will be an enormous undertaking for them. While sometimes it can be pushed under the rug, this constant backing up from doing something together can lead to that partner feeling left out and thereby, lead to conflicts in relationships.

Increased Resistance

It is ironic that while lack of sleep can lower your body’s defenses, it is highly plausible that it can lead to you being stubborn and downright arrogant about what you think is right. As discussed, thanks to sleep deprivation, rational thinking can go for a toss which can lead to you being highly improbable with your conversations and your partner might just get frustrated with your dogged determination for all the wrong things because it is too easy.

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