Everyone wants to look perfect. Styling is an integral part of our personality and our styling habits tell a lot about ourselves.

It is not just women who have to keep up with the trend and adapt to it. Even men have and must follow a few rigorous but basic styling rules that can help transform your entire look.

10 Basic Styling Tips Men Should Avoid - tips, suit, styling, socks, sleeve, short, man, hairstyle, dirty nails, color code, cologne, belt color, basic, Accessories

According to a study, the global men’s wear market size was valued at USD 483.0 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 6.3 percent over the forecast period. You must be aware of many styling tips but I am sure, most of you must not be aware of these styling mistakes that most men are guilty of committing:

1. A short sleeve shirt with a tie

If you are an office going person, then, stick to long-sleeve shirts when wearing ties. Wearing a short-sleeve shirt with a tie is generally considered lower-class apparel. Therefore, if you are not working in a fast-food center where there are chances of you getting your sleeves dirty while making a burger or sandwich, avoid this styling mistake.

2. Inadequate length of pants

Many men have a habit of folding up the jeans or chinos just to ensure that they can get an adequate length of pants. Now here’s where men go completely wrong.

Until and unless you are trying to make an international fashion statement, it is completely wrong to fold up. The pants length can come up to the bottom of your shoes; ensure that it remains above the floor to avoid any unwanted wear out of the pants.

3. Incorrect socks with a suit

If getting ready for an office function or a formal occasion, always remember to match your sock color to your pants and not shoes. Mismatching is a major mistake that is common in every other man.

For instance, if you are wearing a black suit with brown shoes, it must be black socks. When wearing a light color suit, ensure that the shades of the socks are darker than the suit but lighter than the shoes. Further, you can also explore men’s clothing at https://dailyjocks.com.au/.

4. Incorrect belt color

Many men just blatantly ignore the color of the belt while getting ready for a formal occasion. Well, do not forget a man’s belt also says a lot about him.

A proper formal dress code implies the color of your belt must match the color of your shoes. Not just the color, if your shoes are shiny then your belt should be top-notch as well.

5. Too “buttoned” up

Avoid giving yourself a too “buttoned” up look. In simpler words, the rule is to always keep your bottom button undone. If your jacket has two buttons, fasten the top button only.

If it has three buttons, you can choose to close the top button only, the middle button only, or both but not the bottom one. This basic styling tip is followed for ages and still manages to give you a smart look.

6. Incorrect color code

Nobody is perfect to look amazing in all colors. It is really important that your clothes match your skin tone. The focus must be on you and not on the colors of our shirt. If you have a dark skin tone, go for dark or bright colors. If you have a fair skin tone, light colors are just what you need.

7. Excess cologne

The basic rule of applying cologne is that a person standing close to you must be able to smell you and not the entire room. A woman needs to come close to you to smell you. What is the use of excess cologne if she can smell you from the other corner of the room?

8. Excess accessories

It is stylish to have accessories as a part of your dress code. But excess of these accessories can turn out to be tacky and non-desirable. Considering you are not a pop star, they don’t really have any styling rules, limit yourself to accessories not more than three pieces of accessories that match with your outfit.

9. Dirty Nails

A smart styling rule does not limit yourself to just your attire. Anything noticeable to your eyes is also a part of your styling game. Dirty nails are really bad for your styling performance. Men usually don’t take good care of their nails and that causes a blunder in their styling game. Make sure your nails are clean and maintained.

10. Inadequate hairstyles

Unkempt hair can change your entire styling game. You should experiment with all types of hairstyles and choose the best one. A neat and clean hairstyle is the secret to your best look.

Over to you…

To all the men out there, now that you know the basic styling tips which you have been doing wrong, it is time to rectify it!