The No Fail Valentine’s Day Hint Guide for Working Moms

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your love how much you care. From chocolates to flowers and jewelry to romantic getaways, husbands across the nation are seeking the perfect gift. It’s true diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but sometimes it’s the little things that matter most—especially for a working mom. Ladies, grab your husbands (or discreetly leave this on the printer) because we have the gifts you really want this year.

A Few More ZZZs

Bedtime battles, midnight accidents and early wake-up calls are challenges every mom faces. But, when you have to face a full day’s work on top of that, it’s no surprise all you want is a little extra shut-eye.

The No Fail Valentines Day Hint Guide for Working Moms

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The no-fail gift solution: A comfy slumber gift set, accompanied by a morning of ‘me time.’ Let dad grab the little ones and take them out for a morning of outdoor adventure.

No More Chores

As we get older, our list of responsibilities begins to grow. Between work, social obligations and quality time with the kids, making time for laundry, dishes and scrubbing toilets can seem like a form of torture. And the older your kids get, the more the mess seems to grow.

The No Fail Valentines Day Hint Guide for Working Moms

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The no-fail gift solution: If your husband isn’t the cleaning type, or his version of cleaning is a lacking, try a house cleaner. offers a comprehensive list of reliable housecleaners to choose from. Now, with a clean house, your husband should put the icing on the cake with a grand display of beautiful Mother’s Day Flowers from a delivery company like FTD. After all, it is still nice to be able to stop and smell the roses, especially if they aren’t asking a strange kitchen odor!

A Break From the Stove Top

Do you feel like a slave to the stove? As much as you kids (and maybe your husband too) would jump for joy at the thought of having pizza and takeout every night, images of Mrs. Cleaver—so prim and perfect with her apron and pearls—pop into your head and you insist on cooking your clan a healthy meal.

The No Fail Valentines Day Hint Guide for Working Moms

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The no-fail gift solution: Some husbands are awful in the kitchen, and a gift of their cooking may not seem like much of a gift at all. Lucky for them, companies like Dream Dinners offers easy dinner solutions without the takeout guilt.

A Day of Pampering

No, not Pampers, pampering. Forty-hour work weeks and non-stop mom duties leave little time to relax and rejuvenate, but we all know that a little spa can go a long way. From manicures to massages, the simple act of letting someone treat you for a change can do wonders for your mood and energy.

The No Fail Valentines Day Hint Guide for Working Moms

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The no-fail gift solution: A day at the spa, of course! This treat can range from a nice afternoon at your favorite nail salon to a full-blown spa escape. Either way, leave the kids, and let someone tend to your needs for a bit. If you have a spot in mind, start dropping hints now. If not, resources like Spafinder can help point your husband in the right direction.

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