Amazing Places to Visit Before You’re 30 (Part1)

When you travel young, you realize who you are and what you believe in before it’s time to make the big-kid decisions (career, marriage, and all that scary stuff) that will impact the rest of your life. Our twenties are all about exploring life and becoming the people we are meant to be. That, combined with a little bit of savings, a less restrictive lifestyle, lots of energy, and — oh yeah — good knees, makes us uniquely well-positioned to take advantage of travel during these years. From bar hopping in Europe to hiking in South America, here are the best destinations for young people and what they have to offer. For the next 10 destinations click here.

New Zealand

Nashville, Tennessee

Great Wall of China

Antelope canyon in Arizona

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Barcelona, Spain

Costa Rica


Paris, France

Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

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