35 DIY Ideas How To Make Your Backyard Wonderful This Summer

                                                                                                                                        Set up a movie theater

Directions here.

Plant a bunch of these giant allium flowers

Source: binbin.net

Build a super-simple tree house

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Add a beer cooler to your patio table

Source: domesticated-engineer.com

Drill holes in your fence and fill with marbles

Source: reddit.com

Turn an old bunk bed into a stargazing loft retreat

Source: ramblingbog.wordpress.com

Make a giant Scrabble set

Source: sunset.com

Build a fire pit

Source: pinterest.com

Cool personal fire pit you can make for less than $25

Source: theartofdoingstuff.com

Perfect for s’mores night

Source: pinterest.com

Build a giant hammock swing

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Light up some wine bottle tiki torches for a nighttime party

Source: designsponge.com

Build a backyard beach

Source: sunset.com

Sprout a sofa

Source: curbly.com

Go camping in your own backyard

Source: pinterest.com

Turn the tent into a pillow-filled reading nook

Source: pinterest.com

Replace the diving board with a trampoline

Source: pinterest.com

Build a teepee

Source: mom.me

Make these simple tables out of $30 whiskey barrels

Source: residenceblog.com

Upcycle tires to make a jungle gym

Source: studiodish.com

Build a simple gazebo

Source: justlive.us

Create an outdoor tunnel system for your indoor cat

Source: cuckoo4design.blogspot.com

Make an outdoor shower by connecting a hose

Source: finecraftguild.com

Make a simple canopy by stringing a rope between two trees and hanging sheets off of it

Source: julia.blogg.se

Build a backyard pizza oven

Source: thecobovenproject.blogspot.com

Construct this simple bar for outside entertaining

Source: turtlesandtails.blogspot.ca

Build a stove for an outdoor kitchen with this Ikea hack

Source: ikeahackers.net

Put in a porch bed

Source: apprenticeextrovert.blogspot.com

Spray-paint a lawn Twister game

Source: littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com

A wooden pallet sectional is easy to put together and provides lots of extra seating for outdoor parties

Source: shoestringsophistication.blogspot.com

Create an outdoor art haven by mounting a giant chalkboard against the fence

Source: myhouseandhome.squarespace.com

Build a small outdoor greenhouse out of reclaimed storm windows

Source: designdreamsbyanne.blogspot.ca

DIY Concrete Lightning

Source: instructables

DIY Garden Lounge Chair

Source: dekorella

DIY Tree Swing

Source: abeautifulmess


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