17 Astonishing Modern Kitchen Designs You’ll Adore

The kitchen is the center of the home and it should be treated as such. Even though it seems as it only has one function, it actually brings the whole family together. A modern kitchen will also enable you to entertain guests or actually use it as a small dining room as well. The kitchen is no longer just a place which you use solely to prepare food.
Recently, we’ve shown you a collection of 15 Stunning Scandinavian Kitchen Designs You Can’t Miss Out On in which you had the chance to see kitchens designed in a style that is a predecessor to the modern style. Today, you’ll be able to see actual modern kitchen interior designs.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we have featured 17 Astonishing Modern Kitchen Designs You’ll Adore. The kitchen interior designs that you’ll see as part of this collection are a very good demonstration of what the modern style can bring to your home. This is a style that values simplicity, minimalism and elegance. If you’re able to combine all of that, you’ll get exactly what we’ve featured below. Enjoy!

Sunnyvale Traditional Ranch

Modern Kitchen

Leschi Home Remodel


Paul House Renovation


Contemporary Kitchen with Concrete Island

Modern Kitchen with a spectacular view

Chelsea Renovation

Modern Kitchen Interior


simple and practical kitchen design

Modern Kitchen

White Minimalism

Jersey Street Residency

apartment R

Project Hackney P1

Gill Street

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