12 Spectacular Contemporary Home Exterior Masterpieces You’ll Adore

The contemporary home exterior design is probably one of the most popular design style of the new homeowners who have decided to build an up-to date looking luxury residence for themselves and their family.
Even though we call them homes, these buildings are much more than that. They can be described as simple as just a residence, but on the other hand they can also be described as a piece of art.
And you should know that it takes a certain architecture degree to achieve the look of even a small home in the contemporary design style, because the process of designing it is a work of art, and the result – a masterpiece.

The reason that hides behind that message is quite simple actually. The residences that are designed and built with a contemporary exterior have extremely complex shapes on the outside as well as the engineering hidden inside.
This means that during the process of designing the exterior for a contemporary residences you would need to take extreme caution to the materials that you want to use because you need to be sure that they can support the complex shapes that are often with far less supports than what you would have if it were a normal residence.

It is needless to say that in the end, after everything is finished (including the designing, engineering and construction phase), it won’t be hard at all to spot which of the homes in the neighborhood is built in the contemporary design style.
A well designed contemporary residence is going to stand out not only because it is unique and has a very unorthodox shape, it is also recognizable by the sheer size it takes, or at least it looks as it is extremely large, even though in a lot of cases only the exterior can appear to be grand while on the inside it will be a normal sized house with enough rooms for everyone without having spare space. Enjoy!

Sands Point Contemporary

Gros Ventre Residence

Contemporary Home Exterior

Chalon Residence

Maryland Breezehouse

Shoshone Residence

Cycle House

Contemporary Mountain Exterior

Beach House 2

Desert Canopy House

The Medallion

Informal House

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