A launch party is the perfect way to create an initial buzz around your brand. Get it right and you will be remembered for all of the right reasons. With this in mind, here are five ways to wow at your business launch.

Stay on Brand

The launch party itself should be a direct reflection of your company therefore everything from the invitations to your goodie bags should be on brand. Work with any external contractors to create a visually appealing venue that fits with your brand. For example, if your guest list is large and you need security solutions or barriers, try somewhere like JP Concrete to make sure that even the security you use complements your colour palette. One simple way of doing this is to subtly incorporate your company colour palette into different elements of your party. This will pull together all of the separate elements of your event and make the overall appearance altogether more striking.

Location Location Location

Once you have set a budget for your launch party, you can begin to seek out an appropriate location. Remember that your location doesn’t have to be expensive to be a hit. First impressions count and your venue is one way to wow your guests from the outset. Think about whether your launch party is best suited to a daytime launch or a night time soiree and choose your venue accordingly.

767 Get Social

Your invitations are just the beginning when it comes to generating a buzz around your launch party date. Remember the more people that know about your event, the bigger buzz it will create. So don’t be afraid to connect with local industry contacts and bloggers on Twitter and spread the word.

Seek Out Sponsors

A launch party can be costly but one way to lower the costs is to seek out generous sponsors. Finding a company that is willing to donate food, drinks or event space will save you a significant amount.

Say Thank You

Your actions once the launch party is over are just as important as the launch itself. Don’t forget to thank those that gave up their time to attend your event. You can thank guests in a number of ways whether you decide to provide goodie bags for attendees, exclusive discounts or via social channels. If your guests have been tweeting and blogging about the launch party, return the favour by re-tweeting them.