After being stuck inside more than usual during the pandemic and having many events canceled over the last two years, you’re probably looking forward to getting back out there in 2022.

In particular, you may be keen to hit up some of the coolest festivals around the world, such as Coachella and Glastonbury. If so, here are some fashion tips to consider.

Women’s Festival Fashion Tips for 2022 - festival, fashion, animal print fashion

Consider Comfort and Practicality

While you want to look as cute as possible at whichever festival(s) you attend, this shouldn’t be at the expense of comfort and practicality. Festivals can be hot, sweaty, muddy, and set up in fields and other spots where surfaces aren’t necessarily even or easy to walk about in. You need to wear shoes that will cope with such conditions, such as boots rather than suede heels.

Stick with clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and aren’t too precious about. Well-fitted jeans plus some fun graphic tees or flirty crop tops for women can look both appealing and appropriate while still being easy-wearing. Plus, don’t forget to add some cool sunglasses and a trendy hat to not only elevate your look but also protect your skin and eyes from the harsh sun and other elements.

A decent-sized bag is critical, too. You’ll likely be out all day and not going back to your campsite or other accommodation regularly. As such, you’ll want everything you need for the day, including tickets, sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottle, makeup, hairbrush, and the like in your bag. It pays to choose a cross-body product or a backpack, so you don’t end up with a stiff and sore shoulder and lousy posture from carrying a heavy bag on one side all day and night long.

Leave Yourself Plenty of Time to Pack

You’ll make life much easier for yourself if you don’t leave your packing for a festival until the last minute. It takes time to sort through your belongings, plan what you want to wear, and ensure you don’t forget anything. Get ultra-organized by creating a checklist of items you want to take with you, and leave yourself enough time to go out and pick up last-minute essentials that you may not already have on hand.

Also, since you don’t want to be lugging too much gear with you and may not have room to store it safely anywhere while you’re partying, pack as light as possible. Once you’ve put everything you think you want to take in your bag, go through it all again and try to eliminate at least ten percent of the goods.

Mix and Match Clothes

A good way to reduce the amount of clothing you take away with you and make it quicker and easier to get dressed while you’re gone is to only take pieces that you can mix and match together. For instance, choose some classic t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and skirts where the colors and styles can all go well together, and pick shoes that will suit every outfit or at least as many as possible. Versatility is essential.

Use the Festival as an Excuse to Experiment with Your Style

On the other hand, the fun thing about festivals is that there are no rules, and you’re typically away somewhere you don’t normally hang out. This provides an excellent opportunity to try some new things, fashion-wise. See your festival days as an excuse to experiment. Play with your style and see what new looks or shapes you might like but may not be game to test out in everyday life.

For instance, many women have fun going big with glitter, sequins, and other sparkles at festivals, or they go for a flower power or tropical vibe. You could choose some pieces with fringing on them, too, to be on-trend and playful, or even rove about in a romper for the first time. Or, perhaps try makeup or hairstyling options you never have before.

Another idea is to dress to a theme while attending festivals. This isn’t something we can typically do so easily in our everyday lives, but festivals are all about joy, lightness, and being a little “out there,” so why not test out a theme you’ve always loved but haven’t had a chance to play with at a dress-up party yet?

For instance, you could emulate a favorite musician or artist or wear crowns and other regal gear daily. You could channel your inner superhero or opt for looks taken from or inspired by the sixties, seventies, eighties, or some other period you find fascinating.

Festivals are fun occasions for the entertainment and activities they provide, no doubt. However, they can also give you a chance to play with fashion and make memories to last you a lifetime.