Right now, everyone is looking for a safer way to travel. While putting life on hold worked for a little while, it isn’t going to be a permanent solution to the pandemic that has recently plagued the world around us. Therefore, people instead have decided to find safer ways to do things. When it comes to traveling, that’s why so many are turning to car rentals as a way to get the transportation that they need.

Why Car Rentals are Booming and How to Get a Great Deal - service, rentals, insurance, discounts, deals, car

Car rental services are providing opportunities for people to travel without having to break their “social distance bubble”. They can continue to remain separate and safe from others, avoid public transit, and even enjoy things like curb-side pickup and drop-off services so there is no contact or as little contact as possible.

Car rentals make a great way to get around and see the country, no matter where you want to go. A good old-fashioned road trip just might be fun. If nothing else, car rentals allow you to have a safe way to travel for business and necessity. The cars are all carefully cleaned and sanitized between rentals and agencies are ensuring that best practices are in place for safety at all times.

So, with all the hype, how can you find a good deal?

You might think that because of demand, you’ll have to pay more for car hire services. That’s false. In fact, if you do your homework, you can actually still find some great deals on car rentals, no matter what you seek. There are cars and trucks, vans, and other vehicles available in all price ranges, and you can rent them for a day or two or even weeks at a time.

To find the best deals, shop around and compare your options. Choose a reputable company and find out what days and times have the cheapest rental rates. For example, it might be cheaper for you to rent a car for a week than for four days because they can offer a bulk discount for the longer rental.

Another way to get deals is just to ask. Consider whether you have any work discounts, insurance company associations that can save you money, or other relationships that might provide a connection to a better deal. If you book well in advance, you’ll also find lower rates with car rentals, so keep that in mind.