Why All Architecture Fans Should Visit Dubai

On top of being a world class city known for diverse culture, value, luxury and so many things, Dubai is now being recognized as a global architecture hub. New buildings are springing up seemingly almost every month. If you are interested in design, architecture, or just love seeing cool buildings, we compiled a guide of the coolest buildings in Dubai.

Why All Architecture Fans Should Visit Dubai

The Da Vinci Dynamic Tower in Dubai

Slated to open in 2020 according to webuildvalue.com, the Da Vinci Dynamic Tower is equipped with self-rotating floors. This unique design allows guests to obtain pristine views of the sea, the desert and the local urban landscape. Initially conceptualized in 2004, architect David Fisher states that modern buildings should attempt to reflect the ever-changing nature of today’s world.

The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is arguably the most recognizable piece of architecture in the entire city. Standing at a height of 828 meters, it has been the tallest building in the world since 2009. However, designers were keen to provide it with a slim and minimalist appeal so that it would not detract from the Dubai skyline.

The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Billed as the most luxurious hotel in Dubai, the unique sail shape of this structure can be seen from miles away. It is also worth noting that this resort stands upon its very own artificial island. Experts observe that the overall shape of the Burj Al Arab was intended to mimic the appearance of a spinnaker yacht sail.

The Cayan Tower

Sometimes referred to as the Infinity Tower and known for its spiral vertical design, this is another amazing structure to behold. The Cayan Tower stands at a height of 306 meters and each of its floors is offset from the one below by 1.2 degrees. Thus, a slender serpentine effect has been achieved.

Why All Architecture Fans Should Visit Dubai

The Opus

The Opus has been envisioned as two separate towers which coalesce into a single structure. This notion of a “carved cube” provides the 20-storey building with an entirely unique personality. Its asymmetric appearance is likewise a means to immediately attract the attention of onlookers.

The Dubai Frame

This architectural landmark has been touted by some as representing the “largest picture frame on the planet”. Intended to provide viewers with a means to appreciate the modern portion of the city as well as its more traditional roots, it is comprised of glass, reinforced concrete and aluminum.

The Green Planet

The Green Planet is the largest indoor man-made rain forest in the world. Built to resemble a perforated cube with an interior glass cylinder, the design of this structure allows the interior plants to remain cool thanks to the changing angles of the sun. More than 3,000 species of flora and fauna exist within The Green Planet.

There is no doubt that Dubai is a world-class city in every right thanks to an eclectic culture as well as an international flavor. However, it is just as crucial to mention that this city has now become a global hub for both industry, tourism and architectural design.

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